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Bird's Eye View

:: Bird's Eye View ::

Bird's Eye View

As we arrived too early for the high tea at the Revolving Restaurant at Menara KL, 
We found a quiet location at the foot of the tower and did what we do best; 
We chatted. 
Intriguingly, the best conversations usually take place at the oddest of times, 
When two or more entities are stuck at a certain place, 
At a certain time, with one another. 
And when nothing takes away their concentration. 
And so we chatted, about the past, the present. 
And the future. 
About the what-ifs and what-if-nots. 
Then it was time for high tea. 
The food was locally delicious, 
And the scenery was magnificent. 
The funny thing though, is, now that I am sitting in front of my laptop 
And thinking of what to pin down in relation to this picture, 
I realised it was totally not about the food or the view, 
But the poignant conversation that we had. 
And that gave a picturesque bird's eye view of everything, actually. 
Right at the foot of the tower. 

Tags: food, introspection, musing

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