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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My 24 Jan of 2008 ::

:: My 24 Jan of 2008 ::

The night did not end here.
I went home, and did laundry. Dark linen for round #1.
I swept away the fallen bamboo leaves from the balcony.
I swept and mopped the floor.
I packed my belongings for friday.
I logged onto MSN briefly.
Then Comic-lived my Viewty photos.
And now it is time to turn in.
Goodnight, reality.


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Laptop looks similar. Their laptops are surprising quite good. My one at home is still going strong after 3 years...

Adrian and Colin deserved it! But ARA2 is getting kinda boring with all the non elimination rounds =(

They have the same number of non-elimination rounds as last season, think they need to have enough teams left for the final three weeks and to have three teams left for the final episode, hence the non-elimination weeks.

Yeah, Adrian and Collin rock! Go team Singapore! :-)

Thanks W, for your support on Thurs night.

i was at mha today too!

-_-|| Just wondering hows the functions of viewty??
Is the sms function ezier to use as compared ur sony or nokia or ur previous phones??

Think I saw u at Marche Vivo during lunch just now. Wear schooo smart!

can i outsource my housekeeping tasks to u? :P

Hmm your friend so evil made u wait for so long.....

Just wondering - what's special about 24 Jan 08? Shouldn't it just be like any other day? Then I realised, dat's right, everyday should be like 24 Jan 08.

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