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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Most High-Tech Hawker Stall in Singapore ::

:: The Most High-Tech Hawker Stall in Singapore ::

Somehow, foodstalls with laminated awards splashed
Across their glassy food counters have a tendency to attract me.
I hate queues, and would rarely make a beeline for the line, and
Join the typical Singaporeans for a twenty minute wait for my meal.
But stalls with good reviews, and no lines, allure.
And so, I took my number, and sat nearby to wait.
I noticed the slogan:
"Why must queue? Grab a number."
Suddenly I felt I was visiting the doctor.
The food was ready in a jiffy.
And the verdict?
Noodles are better than Fei Fei's; not so starchy.
But the paiku noodles at Tampines is still the best!

(food-pundit neophyte musing, naturally.)

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is this old airport mee stall?

the old airport rojak stall also using similar system...

called the toa payoh rojak... very tasty n yummy... try it

where is this place located, must visit it someday

very familiar!!
i think i saw it at Old Airport Road...
wanton noodles or something?
i rem seeing it!!
and i was v amused...=)

I just had Fei Fei's the other day, and honestly, I wasn't impressed in the least. I thought Kolo Mee from Sarawak tastes better. More chewy, and more robust in flavor.

I was just there 2 days ago.
You never ask them for 4 numbers, then can buy 4D. ;P

not nice lor... not worth the wait at all...

I prefer the noodle of this stall, and the dumplings of the stall next to it.

tis is one of the best wanton mee stalls in sg ;)
i swear too

where's this place?? and i never liked fei fei... so so only and they have such an attitude..

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