Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
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:: Godson & His Violin ::

:: Godson & His Violin ::

Between morsels of fried noodles, Mark shared about his
Adventures at the Christo-something music school.
Shaun has been learning how to play the violin
For almost half a year, and then a little more.
Mark complained about how he ended up learning the violin
From the violin teacher at the school and then having to
Teach Shaun at home.
I simply had to hear Shaun play.
"Play for Godpa," I cajoled.
"Dowan~," Shaun replied.
"Play, or else I take back my angpow," I threatened gently.
"Angpow is mine!" Shaun taunted.
"I am sure you dunno how to play... " I changed tactics.
Shaun then disappeared into his playroom, and appeared a while later
With his violin.
We took some effort to get the shy boy to get into his mood.
But once the music started, and we showed our apprecation with applause
The boy was no longer shy and played tirelessly.
This was the first time Shaun 'performed' live to his relatives and god-relatives.
Promising maestro? lol.

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