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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Godson's Brother ::


:: Godson's Brother ::

Luke, baby brother of Godson Shaun,
Was born Fourth January, 2008, 
At Thomson Medical Centre. 

He looks exactly like Shaun when Shaun was born
Almost five years ago, on Fourteenth January, 2003. 

Time flies even faster for a non-parent like myself, 
For there are less milestones, like kids, for example
To remind us that we're no longer kids ourselves.
I can't even believe Shaun's already five. 
And he's the tallest in his pre-primary class. 
Too bad Bacon will always be Bacon, 
Ageless, and nonchalant. Lazy too.
Maybe it's a good thing after all. 
Not to grow up.
I wonder.


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he has that come-hither looks..

yes! it's a good thing not to grow up.
i like people calling me little boy or baby!


Bacon is not lazy, he is enlightened and detached.

Fan of Bacon,

Just like you right?


Its never good to not grow up.
Literally and metaphorically...

physical growth vs mental/ emotional growth... ponder... growth as a function of the state of mind? ponder... as long as you are happy i guess :)



Greetings from Shanghai and a belated Happy New Year.

Added you.

P.s. Accompany the old man more, he's whining :p

yes... hes a whiny man who's whining to me now! :p

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