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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 2007, 2008 ::

:: 2007, 2008 ::

I am so glad to have 2007 over and done with.
2007 actually ended with the demise of my granddad.
Granddad lived to a ripe old age of ninety one, and two nights ago,
He contracted pneumonia and passed away peacefully in the hospital.
When I went for Grandpa's wake, I was surprised by its sheer simplicity.
There were no monosyllabic chants streaming from the cassette player; there were no cloth banners-
No incense. No rites. Grandpa wanted the entire process as simple as it could be.
Just a year ago, he wrote his will, and specified that the wake should be non-religious.
If you insist, just put some fruits on the altar, to appease everyone.
He wrote that.
I think my grandpa must have been a wise man.
In his will, he wanted everyone to be happy.
Rejoice, for I have lived till past ninety, and that itself is a cause for celebration, he wrote.
And so, my mom and her sisters arranged for the wake on sunday, after receiving news of his demise.
The commercial organizers came and then decorated the void deck in the traditional Buddhist format.
With recurring chants and splashes of yellow everywhere.
Complete with options A, B and C.
Mom and her sisters realised that it was not what grandpa wanted, and fought to change it
While facing the onslaught of criticisms by the distant relatives.
"You're not filial," some said.
"How can he rest in peace," others added.
But mom and her sisters insisted, and replaced the entire wake setting with a spartan, simple
'No-frills' wake, with some flora
And a can of Carlsberg beer, wittedly hidden behind my grandpa's portrait, in front of the coffin.
To dispel any further comments from the distant ones, mom photocopied duplicates of grandpa's will
And distributed it generously to all that visited.
I was never close to grandpa, but I know that he was a great man.
A former school principal, and someone whose articles to the chinese daily was frequently published.
A dedicated binder of articles, lying close to his corpse, attested to his knowledge, his widsom, and his mastery of the word.
Even thought there was much to journal about - this eventful day one of the year,
My heart goes out to my grandpa.
For he embodies all, that came and left, leaving
A trace of indelible memory, that lingers to what remains of the night.

Tu ne quaesieris, scire nefas, quem mihi, quem tibi
finem di dederint, Leuconoe, nec Babylonios
temptaris numeros. ut melius, quidquid erit, pati.
seu pluris hiemes seu tribuit Iuppiter ultimam,
quae nunc oppositis debilitat pumicibus mare
Tyrrhenum: sapias, vina liques et spatio brevi
spem longam reseces. dum loquimur, fugerit invida
aetas: carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.

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Condolences. May your family find peace and have a good 2008 ahead!

My condolences... Your grandpa sounds like a great person.

sounds like your grandpa was a truly wise man who left a great legacy and i'm sure you'll do the same. Happy 2008. May it bring you health, happiness, love and wealth. :)

Written very nobly for him. My deepest condolences.

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

My deepest condolences to you and your family.

Death and parting is, as strange as it sounds, part and parcel of life. But it's still so hard to grapple with, even though the older we get, the more mortality becomes a reality.

Cliched as it might be to say, but your granddad sounds like he lived a full life, which is something to celebrate, although it doesn't come instinctively. Cultural anthropologists would tell you that grieving is a necessary process for the living to get on with their lives. Which every one of us would surely do, in our own ways.

I didn't sms back, but now u know I returned home safe.
Thanks for closing the wonderful night. Yes, I let my hair down and really enjoyed myself.
I'm glad of something you said as we debated how to get home given the lack of cabs. U have learnt much in 2007. We have learnt much through you.
Your Grandpa is still here, watching over all of u. Just for a while longer, methinks, before he moves on.
U sound sober, except for the handful of typos.

Thanks for the Latin Poetry by Horace, Odes Book 1 Verse 11.
The bottomline: Seize the moment 8-)

Some English professor translated as follows:

Stop these efforts to learn - knowing is banned - what will be my, and your, final god-given end, Leuconoe, cease Babylonian divination by stars. Better by far: all that will come, endure!

Whether Jupiter grants many a long winter, or this our last, which now tires, against pumice-strewn shores lying below us, that vast Tyrrhenian Sea.

Learn to be wise, strain out the wine, and prune lavish hopes to the quick. While we converse, envious time will have vanished: harvest today, placing the least credence on what's to come. [end]

All the best to 2008!
Mega hugs

Gosh, and am I the only one who doesn't know latin?! :S

No worries. Latin's largely a dead language, hardly spoken.
All you have to know is one or two words from the verse that are latin (e.g. carpe diem), then figure out to GOOGLE the answer 8-)

That's what I did anyway. @grin

well done, grandpa.

meum dolorem tibi declararo


felix sit annus novus!

what is Felix sit annus novus?

It's latin for "Happy New Year"

rejoice that you and your family are taking it well... take care... not bad sia can still recognise mi ytd... enjoy.

Happy New Year, hunky! =)

you know best..trust and thy will be done..

that's more gold than you'll ever find period...

Love you lots!


my condolences..
and yes..2008 will be good!! =)

Hmm is ur grandpa's wake somewhere in Taman Jurong??

-_-|| tot i saw some1 like u i think on the final day where the band played... been walking pass everyday...

My condolences..

I am sure your grandpa treasured life than after death. My filial piety is defined for one's alive not dead. I believe your mum and her sisters know well what your grandpa wants.


my condolence.


I do not have a pc.

I like to read your blog. can you mail me a copy with your post consolidated in it once every month?

Lol thanks. I think you can receive notifications via email.

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