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:: Christmas 2007 ::

:: Christmas 2007 ::

I have come to learn that the best way to enjoy a Christmas Party is to
Lurk in the kitchen of a well-lubricated Peranakan
And munch on Korean Strawberries and sip on champagne.
I'm never a big fan of champagne in the first place anyway.
But it was the most accessible liquid for the night.
There is something about kitchens.
I like kitchens, especially kitchens with a live stereo feed.
Kitchens are usually brighter, and are better equipped with table clothes and floor clothes,
Good for people to stand on, especially where spillages are often too common.
I can never understand people who refuse to take their socks off.
The kitchen is usually also the cul-de-sac, an area where one needs a reason to go to.
And that is why, in tonight's kitchen, I was fortunate to catch up with a few friends of mine
That lingered in the most unanticipated corner of the house, where Mrs Whites reside.
I stayed in the kitchen the entire night.
While ensuring that the few invited friends enjoyed themselves in the process.
What is Christmas, after all, without the cheer and joy of those around us?
It was a surreal Christmas, especially when we all burst out with a christmas carol.
I am sure all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The dinner at the Summit was also a highlight.
I am grateful for J, for taking all the trouble to make me feel at home this evening.
There are certain moments when feelings well up inside us and make us emo.
But feelings are evoked for a reason, and the reason behind the reason must be well-examined else the reason is
Dissipated like alcohol, oft too easy, into the frivolousness of the night.
And nothing remains but merely a bad hangover when dawn breaks.
We need to remember.
And that makes life worth living.

It's 446am, and I am too lazy to edit anymore.
Goodnight, and good luck.

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