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:: Mimolette ::

:: Mimolette ::

Moo Moo was kind to buy me my belated birthday dinner, at this eatery called Mimolette.
I was relieved that I did not have to walk along Eng Neo and Fairway Drive into the Saddle Club.
It would have been a very long walk.
Mimolette is situated deep in the lush greenery of the old Turf Club.
Housed in an old bungalow-like compound surrounded by a few flame of the forest.
Mimolette reminded me of Bangkok's 'Cabbages and Condoms', and was a fresh
Respite from the usual city eateries; and was untainted from the throngs that flood
Demsey and Rochester Park.
The service was excellent, and the server was quick to retrieve a napkin I dropped as I sat down.
The ambient was excellent as well, and the food was excellent too.
I'm easily pleased and too lazy to conjure another adjective what I liked.
I decided to pamper myself with some foir gras and caramelized bananas, then
Tuck into a main course of Tenderloin, which was a little too raw for my liking.
I do not recall the music that Mimolette played, as I remember myself being too engrossed,
With my intellectual intercourse with the 'Imperial Graduate', which I (almost) have no match for.
The dinner conversation went on. And on. That's the basic of good physics and even greater chemistry.
Dessert was an interesting topic, as Moo Moo wanted someone for dessert.
Which would be a little too hard to digest, I quipped.
We eventually shared a chocolate souffle with a scoop of vanilla.
And the ventriloquist did mutter a birthday song as we walked out of Mimolette to the car.
Thank you.

PS: Mimolette turned out to be a cheese traditionally produced around the city of Lille, France (thanks Wiki)

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