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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Walking on the Ground ::

:: Walking on the Ground ::

I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the Singapore Tatler Best Restaurant Award Presentation, this evening.
I was almost late as I had two meetings to attend to.
I queued for a cab at Capital Tower, but because everyone was calling for a cab, every cab that dropped their passenger off immediately turned into a "On Call" cab.
I waited patiently nonetheless.
That was not the point of my rambling today.
My thoughts were with the Tatler event.
There were some concerns with my friends; some were deliberating whether or not to go.
Going to a Tatler event can be intimidating.
The high society, with all their extrapolated extravagance, plays with one's inferiority complex.
But, we were there because G asked us to, and we were there for G, weren't we?
I had the honour of meeting A as well.
A is one of the participants of the Amazing Race.
And a great friend of G.
Despite the crowd, most of us were at ease, being ourselves at the event,
A was confident, and most importantly himself, and was not about to let
His insecurity or any complexes of not being able to hear, affect him.
G too, was totally unaffected by the bourgeois.
They will come look for me if they want to, he said.
That struck a chord with me actually.
A lot in fact.
While the ordinary person-next-door will probably do what he or she does, usually
It takes a lot of self-control, and effort, methinks, to reign oneself from the forces that corrupt.
Power, wealth, fame, and or, beauty.
And stay grounded.
In this post-armageddon period of mine, it becomes increasingly clear
What true friends are.
Usually not powerful ones, the rich ones, nor the pretty ones, but
Those that come forward in times of need;
Those that are always there, silent.
And for them I'll offer my silent gratitude.

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One of the most simple yet important lessons in life I'd learned from young, is this:

The taller a tree is, the tougher the winds and rains it has to face. If a tree is not properly, firmly rooted to the ground, it will be blown over easily...

:p amazed u wrote this :p hehe

so probably we will get to see your snapshot in the next Tatler issue...i will definitely get one copy :P

(Deleted comment)
Well, silent gratitude manifests into action much later, when one repays the kindness.

methinks lah.

Repaying kindness is good of course but even better is to pass it on. That way, we perpetuate a chain of goodwill. I was the recipient of much unconditional kindness and support when I was living alone in the U.S. and many times, when I expressed my gratitude to the ones who had helped me, they would just smile and tell me "No need to repay me... just pass it on."

And so I try and do that now. :-)

"It takes a lot of self-control, and effort, methinks, to reign oneself from the forces that corrupt and stay grounded. "

i have to agree with you. one can easily lose oneself amidst all $ and beauty and forget what are the truly important things in life.

btw, happy bdae pal!

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