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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A SMS Conversation, 22 Nov ::

:: A SMS Conversation, 22 Nov ::

i - any accessories to dump after u leave the org such as the medals? :-)

w - thrown away all the medals already. do you want the uniforms? got lots!

i - medals got value cos got commodity value of metals.
uniforms u can sell to kalanguni for a couple of cents maybe. :-)
wat a waste that u throw away the medals!

w - to move on to the next chapter one must clear one's baggages :-)
i don't have a big house like yours. ;-)

i - those are ur 10 yrs of bloods and sweats.
you've thrown away valuable collectible items :-(

w - you don't get my point.
what's with me will always be with me.
don't need medals etc.
maybe you do.

i - i get u, dude :-)

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Dat's cool, in a really self-assured sort of way. I dont think I'll be able to say dat to myself when my turn comes around. And I finally realise why you're so fascinating to me - you're someone dat I'll never be able to be, so comfortable and ready to let go and move on, even if you can't see what's at the end of the road.

Change is such a funny thing. Sometimes I get this rush from charging head-on into an unknown situation (infantry man at heart), especially when everyone's looking up to your lead and you're responsible for them. But then, when you're alone, the world gets so restrictive, like you can literally feel the space shrinking around you. And then you realise that the only thing that's still familiar is what you had, what you can fall back on - which are the very things you always thought you wanna run away from in the first place. And then, you're not so sure that you can do it anymore.

just make a dash for it and dun think too much!

Yeah I do that sometimes, and usually turns out well enuff. But this time...calling it quits takes abit more courage.

there are things, known as fetishes.

so who is sniffing on your number4 now?

eh i call first dips on the uniforms!

i like this phrase:"what's with me will always be with me"!

sounds like a bad disease, scratch-it :P

"what's with me will always be with me"!

joining ur ranks next yr tis time... wait out!

Good luck for the year ahead then! =)

anyway, talking about the restless heart syndrome, i penned this in 2003....

Restless heart, why is it so
Your palpable look seems so forlorn?
Restless heart, why do you go
Wander'ng aimlessly, all alone?

Your moribund passion has flown away
Back to the history of yesterday
Your determined mettle has lost it way
Gone for good, no more to stay

In this noisome crossroads of life
May the restless rest, and settle down
I wish you strength in this times of strife
May you smile always, and no more frown...

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