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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Saying Goodbye to a Decade ::

:: Saying Goodbye to a Decade ::

I strolled through the premises of SAFTI after my ROD FFI.
The red-bricked buildings remain unweathered even after more than a decade of existence.
The funny thing about buildings is that even though they are inanimate,
They have the power to evoke our memories associated with them.
This was the place I lived and breathed as a cadet, after all.
I recalled our first turn-out during the Tri-Service term.
Hours after arriving at our barracks, we received a surprise turn-out.
Everyone fell-in, and there was one man short.
We ended up repeating the entire turn-out process four times, in double-quick time.
Apparently a lone cadet in an obscure bunk slept soundly through the entire turnout.
M eventually became my best buddy, and the father of my godson.
I recall too, my chin-up sessions with KK, as we tried to beat each other.
I was Alpha-best, and he was Bravo-best, during BMT.
The friendly competition extended to OCS, and then, for a decade more.
But no more.
Then there were the SOCs, route marches; the blood, the sweat and the tears.
Of men loved and taught and commanded and inspired and connected.
I stood for a moment at the Warriors Hall.
I saw dark clouds gather; it was going to rain.
I closed my eyes and saw the passing of a decade.
I continued walking, and wonder,ed
If I would ever walk this way again.

Hey Sir, how long more do I get to call you that? Good luck, all the best and take care! Stay happy. Catch me anytime, jasonyip78@passport.com or 90176122.

lol didn't know you read my blog regularly!

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it is your entries that are like this, that never fails to inspire me, and to inspire me to write, nostalgia.

may i inspire you to do the same sometime down the road. and then a while more. then, a decade. and, more, until the last breathe escapes the capacity of my lungs.


but you have huge lungs, sir!

well..since u bid farewell to it..then dun have to think whether u will walk this way again..
and even if u do..im sure it wont be the same kind again.. =)
lotsa hugs..
hurray to freedom..! hah..
or so to speak.. =)at least happiness comes easier..

The Military Life is something I've never been able to fully fathom. And till this day it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth not unlike contempt which no one but myself will truly understand. Childish bitterness? Yes. But they were not the ones forced into MY world.

The hairs on my neck stand as i read the details of what you went through and i find it amusing that the same paragraph can inspire one man and traumatize another. While i understand and respect your perspective of camaraderie and honour, my own opinion is one of submission to unnecesssary deluded authority. To better described as "One man's nostalgia is another man's nightmare..." But this being your moment, i admire your ability and positivity, and i celebrate what you deem worthy of celebration :D

i guess it takes all to make a world.
then again, all nightmares get tempered by time and becomes nostalgia eventually. =)
the best is yet to be!

u like many other men have left footprints and they speak of a meaningful journey. 10q for sharing ur thoughts

it's always a meaningful journey, regardless of the conditions of the terrain.

all the best to your next chapter in life! :)

ROD FFI? not ORD FFI meh?

so given a chance to go thru the oct lifestyle again, would you want to? :)

btw, how many chin-up can u do now? :P

as much as before, but with more standard! lol!

omg.. that picture evokes memories... not exactly very pleasant ones haha

U're leaving, S3? What are your plans then after? =)

that was eons ago! guess you are not updated lol.

Wherever you have been, you may revisit again.
Every moment that has passed, is recorded for all time, in your divine memory.
What shifts, perhaps, is the perspective that is observing the reruns.

As you revisit your past of 10 years ago, how has your perspective evolved?
Does it feel any different?

Have we moved on?


the perspective has surely evolved, but some fundamentals remain. i suppose the fundamental values and principles that shape one's decision making in the past will only be reinforced if they have proven their wisdom over time, through successes as a result of their application.

but other ideas and ideals do get weathered by time. it's like the sharpening of a sword, methinks. with time, and with improved skill the sword doth sharpen.

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul... M sure your future undertaking will be a colourful one. :)

captain only ah? lol!

Congrats. I feel nostalgic when I ord too. You do miss the things you do, the people around you. But, that is part of life.
Hope everything goes well for you in your new job. =)

/salutes the dude who gained my respect in a shit-hole full of really strange people.



You were from that hell-week era too? Tough as it was but SAFTI do bring back good memories. I celebrated my 21 b/d in the middle of hell-week with a turn out, countless change parades, inspections, culminating into a 24km route march.

I enjoyed my days there and I guess brothers of the creed will understand what we felt, experience and remember of our days there.

I think this pic by Canopeia / Keo will sum it all up. If i may share it :P http://cbandomni.livejournal.com/16811.html

All the best !

Re: http://cbandomni.livejournal.com/16811.html

thanks for the pic.
funny thing is that, i was never commissioned in singapore. =)