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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Quadrants and Squares ::

:: Quadrants and Squares ::

It was about a fortnight ago.
A quiet morning it was, when MJ drew up this quiz on a piece of paper.
It was a simple quiz for M and me.
Engaging it was, that I quizzed T and MJ2 over the weekend.
Here goes:

1. Divide the first quadrant (with a small black square) into 2 equal parts.

2. Divide the second quadrant (also with a black square) into 3 equal parts.

3. Divide the third quadrant (same here) into 4 equal parts.

4. Lastly, divide the fourth quadrant (no black) into 5 equal parts.

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damn... I was so tricked by the qn...

luckily I still solved it :P

this is tough! and ur drawing doesnt help...=(
haha...well im in arts fac for a reason..how come jerry gets it so easily?!

tsk tsk lateral thinking.
and that's not me drawing it.
that's pinming attempting to unravel the puzzle.

hahaah...damn....i will try it later again!
geez....i cant think laterally...only literally
willie willie makes me go wild..ahha..

Hey ... cool quizz...

part 4 difficult leh ... can just draw 4 parallel lines or not?

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