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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Livejournal Housekeeping ::

:: Livejournal Housekeeping ::

I am doing the regular livejournal housekeeping to purge
Ljers who have not posted for 52 weeks or more.
Having used LJ for about seven years, I have come to realise
That I have been missing certain friends' significant entries.
For some strange reason, the LJ engine removes certain friends' entries
When there is overloading of inactive friends.

There is a certain nostalgia in this little act of housekeeping.
There are those who have passed on, moved on, and
Those that literally vanished, from their online (and possibly social) existence.
Guess for those who started lj with the intent to blog, they will continue to do so
While others will move on with other emerging trends.

For those who start to post again, please keep me notified.
And for some reason, if we know each other yet I'm not subscribing to your blog,
Please kindly tell me me so.


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Thanks Honey :P I never know got such function ahaha

phew, i just posted one today.

(Deleted comment)
That's a good idea, I should do that too.

I don't post alot, I know, but I enjoy reading my friends' posts!

How... do... you... get... that???

get the 'function' you mean?

going to main homepage of lj.
you can see the activity of your lj friends and choose to 'nudge' them if you wanna.
there you'll be able to compute the same list as you see in this entry of mine.
to do the necessary housekeeping, unfortunately, is still the usual one-by-one deleting. =)

I don't think this works for me. I don't got a paid account, much less a PERMANENT account like your's. How in the world did ya get that??

Oh well... *shrugs*

i wait when the permanent accounts were up for sale and bought it.
pretty expensive, but after using lj for 7 years i felt that i should give something back to frank and the makers of lj. =)

Ahhh... okay. I think I remember something like that, back when I wasn't working yet. *nods* Oh well... I doubt I'll ever get anything like that, coz I'm SUCH a stinge. Oh well I guess I'll just never know whose LJ's an empty shell.

then it's time for me to pay you for your help!

I hesitate to ask... but what help am I being paid for?

Lucky I always post about 3 to 4 entries per week...I'm safed!

The other side of the non-posting LJ-er is the non-commenting LJ reader. What if I post and never get any responses (unlike people who get 680 comments for "the sun is shining!" hahaha), should I just give up and delete the people linked to my journal who never read it?

I have friends who have never posted an LJ entry of their own nor made any comments to my postings. I wonder, is the unread journal like the tree falling silently in the forest with no one around?

Actually, I have a very small list of friends who have access to my locked entries. And they all seem to be a taciturn and laconic group.


it wouldn't be an issue for my blog, since almost no entries are locked.

and if there be any other ljer friends that are taciturn and laconic, i'd be delighted to know that they exist. all i need is just one holler.

in addition to what i have replied (upon further contemplation), i realize i do make the effort, on a regular basis, to check who has added me to his or her lj, and will make it a point to pay a visit and see if there is enough content for me to add them back.

like what you have correctly mentioned, i would chance upon empty ljs with no postings; presumably the taciturn ones. there are also those that litter their ljs with quizzes and lyrics and the like. that usually do not give me the opportunity to get to know them better, and since they break my attention from other ljers' entries so i try not to add those as well.

and of course, there are the deleted entries, those with a strike-through. i usually remove those as well, but i have come to realise that the user has 30 days to reinstate their deleted journal, and most usually add them back.

why so? i wonder too.

Interesting that your entries are unlocked ... then you don't need a mutual friends list at all right? I only have mutual friends so that they can read my locked entries, and hopefully I can read theirs. I'm not that familiar with LJ but seems that if all my entries were public, I wouldn't need a mutual friends list at all right?

that is exactly so.
unless they have locked entries that they want you to read.

Thanks for the nudge. got it a couple of days ago. I have really been slacking posring on LJ. I should get back on the bandwagon, really. But life has been so busy... but that should not be an excuse. Keep me on your friends list as I always enjoy your entries.

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