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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Hat Trick Complete! ::

:: Hat Trick Complete! ::

Gratified, especially when I'm pitted again a formidable opponent like


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-_-|| nvr know some words in ur game exist...

Wah how many hat tricks you still have up your sleeves? *faints*

i think the tricky part is to complete the game without having to refer to some scrabble software to help get the best score, if there's such a software. think we're doing well for a total group score!

You mean got such thing as scrabble software for best scores? But isn't that like cheating?

I actually also not very sure got total group scores leh. You mean we play against each other but can combine scores somehow?

Anyway, part of the fun of Scrabble is learning new words (or making up words and seeing which fits in the weird SOWPODS dictionary!) :)

Haha... glad that you have this moment. Treasure it. I played with Edric for a few times... he's really good lor. So far, I've not win over him yet!! Haha...

he is VERY good!

You do realise that there are some words above not found conventionally in dictionaries, and can be argued that it functions as a loan word, not widely accepted as being assimilated into the English language yet?

However, for most of the words that are generated here, I sincerely take my hat off you. Impressive.

most are from the impressive vocabulary of my 'opponent'.
some shorter words are formed via 'trial & error' lol since there is no penalization for trying out 'new' words!

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