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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Bottles ::

:: Bottles ::

In my younger days, I slept beside a glass cabinet.
Beside a tall glass cabinet, in the living room.
I would admire my father's collection of miniature bottles.
Of gin, and vodka, and a few more, brandy and whisky.
And then, one night, I unscrewed a bottle.
I downed it all, and felt satisfied.
With all the macho-bullshit.
For a while, anyway.
I then carefully filled the bottle with tap water.
I would screw the cap back tightly.
I would then put it back in the exact position.
Back with the collection.
It was not long before the tap water collection became complete.
No one realised.
Not even father.
Until a decade and a little bit more.
At a family brunch.
When brother Bren, shared with me his discovery
While missing the wry smile at the corneer at my face.

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*dials for AA*

why, you don't like my brother is it?


Oh I tot i'm the only one who will do that...
And i have to make tea, or add water with coke to make it looks like brandy...

why net monster away wor...

And then wat happened....?

After the revelation.....

Your post has reminded me of the exact same thing which i did too. But was too young to remember what i fill up with but have memories of playing with it but lucky for me those bottles just disappeared one day. Think my brother was caught drinking LOL

speaking of bottle... i have one bottle never get to give u lor!!! jialat..
dunno how many years liao..

yes! think i got it from Bali or some country... hmm...
u still collecting all those bottles??

actually i'm trying to clear my stock of cola bottles.
wonder if they're of any value now..

bleah... then i keep for u for wat?!

everything has value... its juz a matter of how much that person wants it... the trick is finding the person who wants it so much.

orh so you're saying that someone doesn't want the coke bottle that you got for that person is it?


yar lor.... some wild man mah.. wat to do...
hahaha... i think u still owe me dinner or i owe u dinner or something..

of course you owe me dinner!
when? let's confirm! next week!.

next week is good.. :)
i'm free most weekday evenings except wednesday..

lunches? well... u gotta come to cgh!!
okie.. i think i can get an afternoon off next afternoon. which day good for u?

wah! you started training from such a young age, AND still cannot hold your alcohol! ;P

i think that is the punishment for my childhood misdemeanor!

like Euegene say is true? kor ..hehe this time round must know how to control k? we drink once u back to club :p

gosh you make me sound like a drunkard! =P

born alcoholic!

my mum used to do that too. so it seems that this is very normal for growing kids. but i didn't do that.

*i'm an angel!*

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