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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Almost a Hat Trick! ::

:: Almost a Hat Trick! ::


Managed to use up all my seven tiles for 2 games in a row!
Now for a third one!


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i always get letters that don't really help make a word.


I have no idea what half those words mean. *scratches head* Taig? Hies? Wale? Drail? What??


Wow, I've only used all 7 letters on the board twice!
Gotta love the bonus score :P

i like to play games which do not require much thinking. :P

how come?
becos you are commando? lol!

because such games are generally no brainers. they just test your reaction. have you played heart attack before?

AND i TRY not to always use muscle power. :P

haha..! haolian haolian!!!!
why u never play with me?!
oh wait..better not...im not so pro.. =x

you won't be pulling that on me!!

meanwhile, i foresee that you'll be staying on jetman for a looooong time.


you must have spent the entire day playing it! =P

no lor. 20 mins is all it took. i got arcade fingers, remember?

: p

Just dropping by to say "hi" again.
Was quite rushed earlier today.

Wanted to ask you if you had your Mr Wolvie with you but didn't have the time :P

hi officer to be! =P
no i don't usually bring him around. then again, maybe i should!

Haha. NCC officer only... not impressive...

I might drop by again after my course. Didn't really have a good look at the place. Didn't even see the full show :/

Maybe I'll have the honour to meet Mr Wolvie then.

hao lian!

hurry! it's your turn!

u must hv so much time on your hands 8-)
Anyway, I'm sure u know the strategy for getting 7 letter words right?
Sometimes it means sacrificing on the earlier bits.

THen again, its not all about making the points. It can be about cutting out possibilities for opponents.
I'm so rusty on scrabble. Its been over a year that I played a game, I think.


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