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:: Free Your Mind ::

:: Free Your Mind ::

More visitors came today.
hotdoggie and playwell dropped by for lunch and I was able to
Guide them personally through the exhibits and the Object Theatre Show.
Contrary to my expectations, both of them were impressed by the museum,
And we managed to catch up over lunch, sitting by the lake in a picturesque setting.
Somehow, the far west, away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete urban jungle
Offers repreive, in the form of a few hours of tranquility.
runecircle popped by in the afternoon.
I showed him around as well, and then we settled for tea.
(with pinming in the meanwhile making the shortest possible cameo -
He came and left before we caught sight of him!)

On another note, the latest parlimentary spate has helped me better understand
The government's predicament; while the issue was initated by them nonetheless
I see the situation that they are in. Mindsets take time to change, and prejudices require
Generations to be eradicated. An old song comes to mind almost immediately.

Prejudice, wrote a song about it.
Like to hear it? Here it go.

I wear tight clothing, high heeled shoes
It doesn't mean that I'm a prostitute, no, no, no
I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes
That doesn't mean that I'm sellin' dope no, no, no
Oh my forgive me for having straight hair, no
It doesn't mean there's another blood in my heir, ya, ya
I might date another race or color
It doesn't mean I don't like my strong black brothers.

oh la la, oh la la, oh la la, oh la la
Why oh why must it be this way?
oh la la, oh la la, oh la la, oh la la
Before you can read me you got to learn how to see me, I said

Free your mind and the rest will follow
Be color blind, don't be so shallow.
Free your mind and the rest will follow
Be color blind, don't be so shallow

So I'm a sistah
Buy things with cash
That really doesn't mean that all my credit's bad, oooh
So why dispute me and waste my time
Because you really feel the price is high, for me
I can't look without being watched, and oh
You rang my buy before I made up my mind, OW!
Oh now attitude, why even bother
I can't change your mind, you can't change my color.

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