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:: Going Away ::

:: Going Away ::

He sat by his electronic organ.
He took a deep breath, and went away -
As if preparing for a long, long journey.
He then launched into a random melody.
He muttered something to himself.
The rest of us stood uneasily.
We munched on persimmons and pomelos.
He sensed our discomfort and gently suggested.
"Let's start by singing together."
A song.
Our eyes affixed on the lyrics on his macbook pro
We began to sing "Over the Rainbow".
With great fervour, in fact, regardless
Of the cacophony we were causing.
After a test of our vocal ranges, he
Led us to push our boundaries though a series of "mers."
Mer mer mer mer mer.
Past Yutaka's I Love You.
Past Sinatra's My Way.
It was time to go.
He put on his recording for the songwriting competition.
We listened, and he went away once more.
While standing in front of us.
There'll be a way, after all.

Tags: moment, poetry

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