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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Sony Ericsson K850 vs. Nokia N95: 5 megapixel shootout ::

:: Sony Ericsson K850 vs. Nokia N95: 5 megapixel shootout ::

For those who are seriously contemplating between the two,
There is a fantastic website that will certainly help.

Read the comparison here

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I just saw u at siglap lor.. but u were getting into the car already..

phones.... comtemplating for the longest already!!!!!!

yea.. i normally do my research there too :)

what do think of N95 8Gb vs LG Viewty vs K850?

in term of camera, it's similar to it's older brother. not sure about the battery life even though they claim they improved the battery from 950mA to 1200mA. But because of this, they took away the len cover... :( also, new n95 also has bigger screen! hahaa..

i think the main reason for getting n95 is for its functionssss, wi-fi, gps, LifeBlog, etc..

mmm.. not a big fan of LG so have not really pay much attention to that. but am sure there will be a 5mp shoot-out soon on that site :)

my N95 still wins!

phew. ;-)

But the K850 they use is still a prototype. Read that the k850 cam in the retail version is better.

Somehow I don't like the over-smoothened daylight landscape pics of N95 (look at the leaves of the trees).

(Deleted comment)
any idea how much will it cost?

W960i > N95 8gb + K850i.

: p

hello! how about W910i?

too big, don't you think?

too big? what you mean? dimensions wise? its smaller than k850 if thats what you're referring to! :/

just checked; my mistake.
but its a walkman phone and i'm not looking for a music-phone.

haha. alright. :D i see i see

fwah thnx for the link.
just a passerby.

i seen the phones both green & blue de liao. the green one looks a bit too black but has this sleeker impression than the blue one.

but turns out the phone looks fatter(thicker) than it seemed.

costs arnd 860-890 in shops outside now.

yeah its thicker and the photos turn out to be not as colour-saturated as nokia's N95 8GB.

Hence I'm thinking twice about the phone. May be prudent to wait a little longer to read the user reviews, for such an expensive phone.

hmm so mr Wolvie is u..
haha...erm paiseh ah cos u didnt have any pics on facebook..
and erm yar i dun noe u also so i didnt add u yet..
but yar...guess a new fren found..
and yes! wait for N95 8GB..anyway nokia got quite a lot of new models coming out rite? =)
btw i add u lj =)

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