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:: Cisco - Network on Wheels ::

:: Cisco - Network on Wheels ::

Spent the rainy monday afternoon at Sheraton Towers
Having a first-hand look at the Cisco Express-NoW roadshow.
The Cisco Express is a pretty unique showcase of their technology solutions
Housed inside a 40-foot container with a transparent acrylic side.
What enraptured me was the IP Interoperability Collaboration System (IPICS)
Which would enable cross-platform communcation, allowing same or different agencies to
Communicate across previously isolated radio, IP and non-IP networks.
Imagine a scenario where everyone's mobile phone would be able to function as a handset
And communicate with the military radio set, or the walkie talkie sold in Carrefour.
Heralds a new era in integrated communications.

On another note, the free gift (in the carrier filled with pamphlets) was a full wine set
In a finished wooden box. Complete with a thermometer for measuring the wine temperature.
Guess people in the IT line must be alcoholics under constant stress.

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