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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Overpoked ::

:: Overpoked ::

Facebook, like Friendster, will fester and infect millions.
And probably remain so, for a long, long time.
But they merely touch the surface of each individual.
Unless we get the opportunity to delve beyond one's vampire or werewolf persona
Into one's perspective of this maddening world, and then a little bit more
Everybody will continue to remain as cardboard figures.
As two-dimensional as can be.

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Facebook scares me for some reason. There's so much to be done, that at the end of the day, you achive little to nothing.

I've kinda stopped doing anything to it except to respond to msgs. *sighs* Another white elephant.

i agree! i end up superpoking all my friends in order to see what other superpoke features i end up getting.

but on the positive side of it, i have to admit that it reconciled me with a few long-lost-friends.

you mean "cardboard" figures?

yeah cardboard.
gosh what was i thinking about.
thanks stranger!

i agree with u. facebook is just another phase of friendster.

but then again, no matter which website. we remain 2D without taking away all the masks that covers us.

some brings us to the 2.5D zone.

Technology is one thing. But it's how we can go beyond that.

You can poke a friend a million thing, but would you spend that bit more effort to talk to him?

Technology brings everybody together, yet very much further apart.

i agree with you.

technology can only brings us closer to a certain degree. in order to transform the what-it-seems-to-be 2D figures, we just have to continue folding out our "cupboard" aspects, only if we are given the opportunities to do so.

there is so much it could be done,
and there is so little it will be done.

it's not facebook, it's people. i use it to email and i actually message or comment on photos. i don't poke or play with applications. and because i actually have conversations with people, i don't experience the "cardboard" thing you're talking about. if you demonstrate sincerity and follow-through, like-minded people will respond in reciprocation.

forgot to say, unlike livejournal, however, people don't try to "write" and try to sound deep/emo/self-absorbed/worldly etc. facebook exposes the shallow ones very very clearly ("ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ME? Y/N application, for example), and will reveal much much more about the person than LJ. to me, LJ is where the plastic people are at, and in facebook to you, where the cardboard people are.

like i said, it's people. not the system.

man.... i just sign up the facebook.. and dammmn .. i am still figuring out how to use it...:(

didn't know you were famous until i checked out your blog.
no wonder you looked familiar!

I agree with Koey, it's how people use it. But I don't see LJ or Facebook folks as plastic though.

Do not expect deep meaning on Facebook unless you state it right at the top, but what's the point? Facebooking is not supposed to be a spiritual exercise (although everything is), but just a fun way to connect you with other people.

Now it's just up to people to do more with it.

I suppose it's one step closer to making real friends than say a website like Fridae or Trevvy.

I hardly do the Vampire/Zombie stuff at all, but those and all the poking are as significant as a friendly smile or nudge from another person, a means of maintaining "contact"...

After all, not everybody gets the privilege to be close friends, so there has to be allowances for acquaintances to get to know each other better. And this is probably it...

I look forward to more applications that goes beyond the poke. =)

do you need me to show you

i discovered
inside applications

Is there?
I spend most of my time clicking IGNORE on application invitation these days. =)

Exactly...that's why i never respond to invites!!!

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