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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Here, There & Everywhere ::


:: Here, There & Everywhere ::

The pervasiveness of the internet nowdays
Only means that the importance of everyone's geographical location 
Diminishes; while one's net presence grows even more influentially.
One could be anywhere being nowhere; as long as one has a facebook and a friendster account,
and communicates regularly via MSN and blogs a little on his or her blogspot or livejournal,
One's within the reach of anyone, anywhere, anytime, in a good and bad way.
And even if he or she disappears from the face of this planet,
His or her presence will remain; albeit,
For a while, anyway.

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I miss Wolvie. What's his email address?

i disagree a little.

his or her presence will remain on the forefront for a while, but at the back of the mind will be remembered for a long time. (i'm assuming that it is the person i want to remember)

You are going to disappear eh ?

I don't know . Water Sapien can't fish you out lor .

but you're a WATERSAPIEN!

if only you are in the waters to be found!

*Mr W always walking the dog and wolvie nowadays!*

sounds a little like a gp essay

sounds like NECessary is getting to you :P

all the next generation marketing hype. anywhere anytime. you are all prep up for it aren't you :P

lol! I didn't think of that, Mister Journalist!

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