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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Doing the NECessary ::

:: Doing the NECessary ::

It was twelve years ago; I can still recall.
I strolled, with M, to Bedok Jetty.
We sat, facing the city nightscape.
I noticed on the nimbus, a reflection of lights from the Indoor Stadium.
There was an event going on that night.
It was that night I made the biggest decision in my life.
I decided to give up a potential architectural degree from NUS.
I chose a life in green, instead.
In a world where best decisions can only be as good as how many options one was given
I reckoned I made the best possible.
Past a decade, and then, a little bit more.
I am about to make the next biggest decision in my life.
For the past weeks, I've been vaciliating.
It's been a back-and-forth exchance between choice A.
And choice B.
While dithering as I may be perceived, buddy M remarked that he's just like me.
"It's not that we are undecided, but we consider all options,"
"In fact, many occasions, the decision has been made but we're just seeking affirmation," he added.
I wonder.
Regardless, I have decided.
There're no visionary images like the jetty or the nightscape this time round.
Just a M and a bumpy bus ride.
Good enough for me, mesupposes.
Let the NECessary unravel.

wah...damn obvious. NEC...

It wasn't meant to be too cryptic, my scary darry.

hmm i'm not singaporean enough to understand what the acronym NEC is. but break a leg, kid

oh.. OHHHH!

you're going corporate?!?! ...no. not you too!!!

good for you!!! i'm wondering when my next big step will be.

Because you didn't come here to make a choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it. - The Oracle, The Matrix

Congrats on your new job. :D

all the best!
i'm sure you chose well.

Thank you sir, for playing a part in it.

hope u like your new job=) all the best.

oh. what did u do in the end?

erm.. time to start learning 日本語!新しい仕事はおめでとう!頑張ってね!(Congrats to the new job! Work hard!) from 日立Marc

I will need to ask you more on japanese firms and their corporate culture in time to come! =)

u ve made the right choice of not doing architectural degree cos construction sector had slumped for 12 yrs here.

sometimes, it's hard to decide the best options cos u wont know until u stepped into it. hence decide based on gut feel...even if's wrong, it's not the end of the jounrney. recently, i was headhunted again, cos there are push factors is less than pull factors, i m also in a dilemma now...

probably now i can start to consider to buy NEC stocks. :)

wat a nice quote from Mr Mystery..

what quote?
what mystery?

Good luck in your new job! :)

"It's not that we are undecided, but we consider all options,"
"In fact, many occasions, the decision has been made but we're just seeking affirmation,"

Very, very well said.

If it is a new job, congrats :)

If it is NEC, we could have been colleagues...i left not too long ago.