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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Adventures; Explained, #7 ::

:: The Adventures; Explained, #7 ::


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i presume ur the hotdoggie?

will domo make cameo appearances? as extra's or backdrops? : p

no la.. dun tink he is hotdoggie...
he is into_the_wild.. or wildy..
more adventures!!! whooo...

hmm dun get the part with amelie and the dwarf -_-|| but the hair looks nice!!!

Amelie set the garden dwarf (her father's) to an adventure all over the world.

she herself went on an adventure too.

-_-|| ok ok he he... din really catch tat show :P~

hotdoggie is the ex- la

i believe that's hotdoggie's haircut

this entry is damn funny!
The Adventures, Explained, #7 leaves more questions unanswered! ;P

Yah lor this needs a The Adventures, Explained, #7, Explained...

oooops. thats what i hear. gossips. tsk tsk

I really hope not... =(

judging from the strip.....

Does wolvie, mutant power in speedy recovery from any injuries symbolish and thing?

u know something...
i am like a comic fan waiting for the comic strip to be release...

its so cute and funny..

ok, so if hotdoggie is wolvie really, which one are you? i'm betting my savings that you're marvel girl. or, marvel grrrrrl. WORK IT! *whip*

Very good, reminds me of the strips in ToyFare :)

May Wolvie's adventures be exciting, eye-opening, heartwarming, and always fun... :)

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