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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Adventures, #5 ::

:: The Adventures, #5 ::

"Too light for me... "


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Do I get a prize for guessing where is this place correctly?


where're the claws : p

don't you know they are retractable?
lousy xmen fan you are!

it's a L-E-G-O figurine. tsk!

wah lua so X_X lor.. bring your action figure/man doll to the gym.. hahahahah

So funny!
Exactly...why did you bring your x-men to gym?????

dun u have work or sumthin?

Hehee i assume the owner carries much heavier ones

hmm i see no one ard the weights area... u evacuated them? :P

this is getting weird...since when you evolved into some figurine?

cute pic though. ;-)

& i know what's The Adventures, #6...

I like this..

it tickles me =D

no no no

he brings wolverine everywhere because he identifies himself with Jubilee. the knn chao asian ginna who can make magical lights. bling bling bling.

correct, hor, wildy?

I remember her! The girl with the yellow mack!
I always thought she'd be good for fireworks displays ;)

didn't know you were a xmen fan!

feh, we have a lot of common interests, you putz. xmen, video games, sports/gym. you must think i'm one of those weirdo eccentric artists. i was at MAAD yesterday at the red dot museum... now THOSE are the weirdo eccentric artists. i'm so not. i'm like a thug compared to them.

soooo cute!!
*ahem* proper gym attire in the gym please.


I knew Q-tips were versatile. :-P

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