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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Adventures, #4 ::

:: The Adventures, #4 ::

"I love Tiramisu!"


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wah..i also want.

btw, if u like desserts,can go to menotti, at raffles city.
50% off cakes after 10pm. Lots of surprises.

omg such huge slices.. where is this!!?


they got it alllll wrong. i guess that's why ads with fine prints (which ppl never bother to read; either that or it's too small to be noticed) work so well; in the advertiser's favour!

ppl'll have to start to read in btwn the shelves! lol

The spotlight now, is on Wolvie searching for the owner who deserted him =P

Wolverine or Hugh Jackman? Hehe...:-)))

tira-miss-you! The new Cornetto ice-cream. *lame*

Anyways, how come the cake so big wan? Or is it a widened photo? How much for one?

I'd like a brownie with ice cream please. =p

did you see the wolf?


haha! Oh! what's wolverine doing there? lol.

Is that a representation of you? o.0

looks like $6 for one slice...seems reasonable.

i love *both* cheese cakes and mud pies. :)

well u can always try the cakes from swissbake. Cheap and nice :D~

if you like pastries... sun plaza coffeebean all cakes 50% discount after nine thirty...

Guess this is a gelato place? waitresses are mostly filipino? Just guessing..

heh.. heh... been there once and I remembered their showcases of cakes and the colourful tiles of the counter, at the side of the photo that you've taken... keke... any prizes? haha... :) Yes! and I love tiramisu too! I'll hunt down for yummy tiramisu, without fail! keke... best tiramisu?-- Try the one at Ricciotti - China Square Central; Far East Square. Yums! or one of this italian restaurant -CAPELLA- at CHIJMES! Tiramisu Are Slurp slurp!! :) more places to intro too! keke..


lol i'll tell that to Wolvie.

haha... :) take care.

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