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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: WildyTシャツ ::

:: WildyTシャツ ::


I have to agree!


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Если не будешь мечтать, не станешь старшим инженером.

Nice brand! But can't see you in pink and lavender! :-D

Urm, what does it mean ah? Material composition? Cotton..71%? LOL

all the humour's in japanese, unfortunately.

whoa, u can read jap? *swoons*

ooo...when did you learn? What else do you know. I can't even read/write/talk in chinese.*wonders in admiration* haha.

Urm, does knowing how to french-kiss count as mastering another language? LOL

can imagine u look damn sexy in this tight pink tee! :P

its the message on the shirt, and not the colour of the shirt!


Err. Translation pls?
All I know is tht the materials listing are not "conventional"..

Main heading for t-shirt is "if arm-wresting, I will not lose".
there's a pun on sumo as "arm-wrestling" is "arm" + "sumo", i.e. I may not be good at sumo, but i will not lose at arm-wresting.

geddit geddit?

I'm not sure what it/you're trying to say. I'm lost!

"I may not be good at sumo, but i will not lose at arm-wresting."

what's the significance of that? hidden meaning? o.0

urm.. i agree. but, the thing i must agree most, is the price!! 1,799¥ only!! great buy!!! lol

ากหดสไาำ นำนไำพ สห่กด่ห่กด่ ห่ กาด่ำ่รไ รำ ำืปแมิืม ทปแืิรก

wow, you speak thai! i'm always impressed by people who speak more than one language well.

so when's our meal?

of cos he speaks japanese...
he has been over in japan for 4 yrs studying wor.. ( correct me if i m wrong)
japanese not a problem neh..
1799 Yen is cheap cheap..
i tink i noe sum of d composition..
i tink 1st one hv to do money..
2nd one is shameless/ thick skin level.. 羞恥心
3rd one is energy : 生活力
last one is dreams?

dun kill me if i m wrong yea..


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