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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Adventures, #3 ::

:: The Adventures, #3 ::

"Now, where the %#$@ am I?"


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you mean you have never stepped into a supermarket before? =P

That is a good question...:-)))

hehe. i see a cute little wolverine amongst the oranges. so mayb you are underneath him? lol =)

no i am not an orange.


haha. oops. i meant that you were underneath the oranges. so wolvy marks the spot where u are buried. hee~

do u like bring toys every u go?

i bring it with me everywhere actually; its looking for its owner.

You're in O.C. Orange County!!..........

i see

i see lots of oranges..
i see china apple..
i see pear
i see snow pear
i see hands..
i see auntie and uncle
i see mini wolvfy..
i see supermarket
i see an uncle in d making..

uncle is eating cheep and going shopping.
would have gone to a wet market, but wet market aunties are intolerant of creative idiots taking pictures of forsaken teeny weeny figurines.


Re: i see

wet market.. stinky!!
maybe dey will let u take pictures if u ask nicely??

Is this some kind of new lj game show 'guess where am I'?

well, we could start a revolution!

First "Where's Wally", now "Where's Willy?".

Where you are...

You are taking the %#$@ photograph before the pile of fruits lor.... -_- *

James kwek

you dont have a lj account?

not bad, quite cute!!!!!
The supermarket price tags and signboard looks like Cold Storage fonts.
so CS, GWC? ;P

eh... i think wolvie is searchin for his plane ah? i think its wif me... =P

eh, I think Wolvie is searching for his plane, and the owner who forsaken him.

* =P back *

guessing games

hmm cold storage...????

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