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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My Mom ::

:: My Mom ::

She sees me; she smiles and bursts into her little exuberant self.
Everytime I appear at her salon.

I have an unusual relationship with my momma.
Having separated since I was one, we were only briefly reunited during my secondary schools days.
When my step-ma wanted to file for a divorce and located her to take care of me.
And so we met, for a few hours each time.
And that was about once in a few months.
Or in a few years.
My mom, subjected to an emotionally and physically draining relationship my late father, filed for divorce after my birth.
She never remarried.
Since we have never lived together under the same roof, our relationship manifests in the form of my occasional visits to her salon.
I would also bring my friends to visit her.
She would burst into her usual chipper self and talk to my friends about anything under the sun.
She was a conversationalist and always made everyone felt at ease.
She would also introduce me to her customers.
"My younger brother," she'll joke and then burst into her usual boisterousness.
These visits and sessions went on as if it will go on forever.
And then, during the last visit, I suddenly realised.
It has been already fifteen years since she started the salon.
My mother has aged.
Slowly but surely.
I spotted the wrinkles around her eyes
Which she tried to hide under a heavy coat of make-up.
A feeling arose within me; it was an indescribable feeling.
I took out my digital camera to take a photo together with her.
She squealed, and rushed into the shadows of the salon.
"It's darker inside; it'll make my wrinkles look less," she said unabashedly.
Even as the physical shell of hers weather with time
She still is, and will always be shiny beacon of positivity, effusing her joviality to all around her.
Because she chose to be this way, and that, hopefully, is what I have inherited from her.

"Ah boy! Guo lai yi xia," she hollered.
She is my mom.


ur mom veri hip...

and that is a nice salon. guess ur mom definitely has no lack of regular customers cos she brightens up the place!

such an interesting post!
so next time you are notti, I'll do a "wa ga lee lao bu gong ah!" ;P

:: buys pantyhose for wildy ::

that picture looked like it came out of a movie. :P

Wow.. very nice entry... worth a million emotions..

the way you wrote this -- it is more meaningful and heartfelt than at first glance. if your mom could read it, it would touch her deeply. thanks for sharing it here.

u wanna keep in touch? =)

was nice seeing you again that night.

wow your mom looks real funky!

I have a similar relationship with my mum too so I understand how you felt after visiting her. ;p

wait, you visited her? or
you know how i felt when i visited her?

Both of ya are so sweet...
Reminds me of my mum..
Miss her to bits.. cant wait to go back and see her again...

Interesting post. Your mom looks young enough to pass off as your older sister.

she'll be happy to hear this!

Your post is very warm and touching. It must be quite interesting for you growing up eh?

Anyways, y don't you let your mum cut your hair? (I assume you don't since you seldom visit her)haha.

Btw, I've added you. Hope you'll add me to if ya like. ;-)

actually i used to, until she got too busy with her customers during the busy weekends. I'm not too particular about my hairstyle, so i usually visit the neighbourhood $8-a-cut barber instead.

i value her opinion though.
a lot.

ur mum's so young! heh...

thanks for sharing... :)

ur mums a very nice person
shes very busy tho
always alot of customers

how do you know?


Honestly, this is like my favourite post of your's. *grins* Time to do some advertising for her? I think most of us wanna visit liao. Hurhurhur...

silvercomb at katong s.c basement 1, facing the road. =)

Thanks for sharing that with us. Sometimes it is not easy to write about family members. She seems to have a hard life before but I think she's grateful to have you around now. As we get older, we tend to appreciate more of our folks regardless of whether we're close to them when we were young. Living apart from them makes us appreciate them more. Wish both of you all the happiness in the world.

the funny thing about us humans, is that we feel a lot, but most of the time we choose to remain articulate, and we know not why. let's hope we will be able to break these boundaries and communicate our feelings with our moms and everyone else more openly! =)