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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Getting Lost in the Thousand and One Things I Did Today ::

:: Getting Lost in the Thousand and One Things I Did Today ::

It is so easy.
It is so very easy to get lost in the moment again.
I reminded myself.
I had to remind myself.
From the moment I wake, till the moment I drift into slumber
I am confronted by choices, by events; most of which, are nonconsequential
But choices, and events, nonetheless.
I should be delighted by the plethora of options
But I am not, and hence, the irony.
I recall the moment that I was all without.
It then came back to me; what I really needed.
To feel the warmth of the sunshine.
To lie on a decent bed.
To see the smiles of those that matter.
And freedom.
Not just freedom, but simple freedom.
For when a man has everything taken from him.
He descends to the psysiological, the base of Maslow's Hierarchy;
He needs no Prada, no BMW, no Il Lido.
He needs no adoration, no adulation, no praise.
He needs nothing to feed his esteem.
And with this realization, he is already at the tip:
And so, I remind myself again, with a mantra.
Don't forget, don't forget, don't forget:
Be humble, and be heedful.

Please chide me if I fail to do so.

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to quote a friend, "count your blessings."

and to quote The Crow, "nothing is trivial."

I often wonder what will i do if it comes a day when i've lost all things material.

And my answer so far is to be grateful and cherish you life everyday.

From the moment you wake up till the moment you went to sleep...there are questions to be answered. Some you can answer easily and some you can't find an answer at all.

could it be that there are always answers, just that
they may not be answers that we accept?

well written.
We are always feeling lost at some point of our lives.

Btw, mind adding me to msn?

sriends@hotmail.com =) tks

Tks a lot =)have a great weekend

That's one heck of a to-do list... *grins* In some ways it makes life look so much simpler... and in some OTHER ways, it says we're all screwed and might as well not get up from bed tomorrow.

*hugs muchly*

actually, if you think about it, if one does not get up from bed tomorrow (today) and no one realises, then maybe it does not really make a difference if one gets up or otherwise.

He needs no IMAC, no 3G, no Everlast... =P

There is a difference between wants and needs.
Remember you spoke of the garden?
"All the plants have wilted," you said.
And I showed you this.

For even if one stays stationary and not move with time,
The grass beneath him grows.


wah.. ur orchirds grow so well. mine hasn't flowered for 2 yrs.. i wonder why. but i take very good care of it.

Sometimes getting lost in the moment is a manner of coping for us. =D

Being humble and heedful can also be a tough thing to do as sometimes we just want recognition or appreciation :)

To have everything you need is to want nothing ..

Esp in Sg when we can be so caught up in desires that it becomes a cycle.

I understand what you writing but I get a headache sometimes because i need to read into too much hahah :p maybe it is just the blonde..

just dye your hair black!


=.='' my natural color is black dear.. but then again you have not seen me in a long while... so free ah? reply LJ.. not working?

we're always free, and i'm always free.
but freedom to post whatever i want and my photos, yes.
then again, true freedom outwardly is never possible, and hence, true freedom within.

Talked to your close friend last night. I bet if you join the TV station, we may end up see you acting on TV...:-)))

why is that so?
i'm too old to act on tv!

I guess your true inner freedom unleash itself soon, which is heavenly :)
Embrace the future!

Was trying to read between the lines.. and i manage to do so... looks like both of us are freed...

But you do have a bright future ahead of you...Im sure this makes a new beginning and a better one definitely..

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