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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Using Used Items ::

:: Using Used Items ::

Found this sale item: refurbished iPod mini for only $120.
Off this Singapore sale site.
The sales seem to go on forever.
From the GSS to the current National Day sale.
I once bought myself a refurbished iPod Nano as well.
Thought it was more practical to get a refurbished one.
At a much lower price; almost half the cost of the new one.
I ordered it off the Apple online store.
It was delivered to me, and was packaged like a new one.
There were no scratches.
I couldn't tell the difference.

I wouldn't mind hand-me-down t-shirts as well.
As long as it fits.
And the designs appeal to me.
This applies to a lot of other items as well, I suppose.
In the six five four three degrees of separation,
The concept of using used items becomes even more pervasive.

Someone should come up with a website to monitor this intricate web.
Maybe it's not that intricate after all.
That should be fun.


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serious>? how abt video version 80 gbi buy $598 man

but i have a 80gb one already.
i use it mainly for watching videos; it's a little cumbersome to lug around unless one moves around all the time with a bag.

icic... what show u have ..share wor?

like prison break and survivors?

yeah ..oso can.. heroes and reality show keke

i hope you are not into hand-me-down underwear though.

no lah,
they usually become too loose to become hand-me-downs.


lol,.. no string already :p

Some people do not believe in hand me downs, because they believe every item has a 'soul' within.

It depends on how much the previous owner was connected with that item.

what is your personal take, then?

My take is .... when an item is with you long enough.... it does feel like a part of you goes into it.... like a house when u stay there long enough.

got. it's called www.fuckrace.com
It tracks who slept with who, whose bf is handed down from who and passed onto who. ;P

we should start one. will be amazingly popular!


wow so cheap! i bought the refurbished mini 1 yr ago at 230bucks lor.

sounds like a great deal! or maybe u are just lucky?

now i'm so tempted to get one. its dirt cheap!

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