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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Walking Bacon ::

:: Walking Bacon ::

There is something about the cat-like nonchalence of Shar Peis.
The nonchalence irks me.
Shar Peis are known to be naturally independent and reserved.
Bacon was no different.
Bacon obeys the orders of his master with a dull expression.
"Sit Bacon!".
Bacon sits.
Bacon raises his left paw.
I approach Bacon and command, "Sit Bacon!"
I did exactly the same thing.
Bacon gives a snort, ignores me and and trots away.


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your motivation for naming the dog "bacon"


ooh you guys got a dog ah?

you need ta play and 'socialise' with him more :P

haa...your doggie has a cute name. one of the rare pics with you in it

two facts:

1. this is not my dog. technically.
2. this is the first time i'm having my pic up.

yar lor! I wanted to say," someone posted his picture sia! tomorrow buy toto!"

No need to be bounded by any silly regulations anymore.
I'm free!


eat Bacon for breakfast lor. ;P

then better shave the dog first, you don't want hair caught between your teeth. ;P

In fact, (coincidentally), I had sausages for breakfast.

maybe u have no affinity with dogs. heh.

What you commented could be wickedly punny.

I think dogs are very smart creatures and more emotional than cats. But this one does behaves like a cat... the "bo chap" attitude. Haha.

well u forget... it only comes to you when 1: when u have food and 2: when u take the leash out... he is one smart smelly boy! ha ha

haha. you were out-bitched! *oop*

haha. And it's literal! (if it's a she, that is)

Btw, you haven't add me! =(

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