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:: Amusing Album Cover ::

:: Amusing Album Cover ::

I have been very prolific in my writing lately.
Probably I have too much time on my hands.
My mom would have said, "Cannot sit still ah, son,"
If she knew my current state of being.
On the contrary, an idle mind is not necessarily the devil's workshop.
I have been productive in doing up the necessary, rectifying the necessary
And meeting the necessary.
Suddenly I am in the state of being necessary.
And so I blog more, I write more, I create new websites. I play DOTA.
I rekindle my interest in the japanese language.
And I used photoshop again.
DJM wasn't too particularly fascinated with the album cover
I made in just ten minutes for his latest Latin House Mix.
But I thought it was amusing in its own way.
Warped humour, some would say.

That's the problem with having too much time.
Now I'm trying to post the 100mb file on IMEEM.
Let's see if it hangs.

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