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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Don't Let Your Cat Eat You Club ::

:: Don't Let Your Cat Eat You Club ::

W never fails to amuse me.
So, we were having tea; the traditional kind.
The typical four to six o'clock accompanied by cucumber and egg sandwiches
Complete with scones served on a three-tiered stand.
But that, is not, the gist.
"You never fail to amuse me," she said as she sipped her tea
While I floated to her my ideas on my next chapter.
As I drifted to the topic of loneliness and dying alone
(Somewhat remotely related to Invisible City)
She shared with me a conversation she had with a friend.
"We actually thought of setting a club for such people," she said.
"And we'll call it 'Don't Let Your Cat Eat You' Club".
"Why don't you call it the 'Don't Let Your Pet Eat You' Club," I suggested.
"You'll get more business this way."

What a morbid discussion.

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Dying alone?
Does that thought disturb u at all?


loneliness can be a tough one.
or so that's what I experienced.
i think living alone is harder than dying alone.

Being alone and being lonely are two different phenomena:
One is a state of fact,
The other is a state of mind.

Know the difference.

and who is this, may i pry?

the mind dies alone, but the soul doesn't. i think.

i think J will give you a differing opinion. heh.

hmm. ngeh. i think he'll have more to say. but maybe not differing.

nay back.
differing cos i've spoken with him on this.


we're both right. dragon and phoenix! : p

i'll call. : p

Don't Let Your Pet Eat YOUR Club (although, PLAY is a bit too big to stomach)

and initially i thought it had something to do with Club Sandwiches

i can only think of this:

At least it's not the "Don't Eat Your Pet" Club...

Was this inspired by the Sex and the City episode where Miranda moves to a new apartment and is told by her new neighbour that the previous tenant had died in the flat and when finally found, her cat had eaten half her face? She then overfeeds her cat every night, and almost bites the dust when she chokes on a mu shu pork when dining alone? Whahahaha, that was so funny.

I don't have pets. But the fear of dying alone and not being discovered until the neighbours call the police because of the "funny smell" is there nonetheless.

Call me silly. But dying alone is not scary, as long as we lived our lives eating scones off a three-tiered stand! More importantly, with close friends sharing them =)


Call me silly. But dying alone is not scary, as long as we lived our lives eating scones off a three-tiered stand! More importantly, with close friends sharing them =)


This reminds me a scene from a movie, Bridget Jones's Diary. Where Bridget was heartbroken and finally, found out that she will be all alone with no one to love and be loved. With the song playing "All by Myself", she tried to cheer up with some booze. Me and my friend were thinking it would be weird and funny, if she was found dead, all alone in her apartment and her pet ate bits of her (since it was noyt feed for days). Morbid right??? haha.

omg. such morbid stuff over high tea.. tsk tsk..
dun tink men will die alone.. since womens' life span is typical longer den mens'. unless so suay dat d other half die 1st.
well.. wen ur old, is unavoidable to die alone.
since children dun sty wit u, and dey dun wan u to sty wit dem.
so die liao no1 noes..
living alone can be avoided.
find sum1 to accompany lo..

any way, as u close one chapter of d book, another open itself..
all d best for all future endeavors.
take care..

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