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:: Don't Let Your Cat Eat You Club ::

:: Don't Let Your Cat Eat You Club ::

W never fails to amuse me.
So, we were having tea; the traditional kind.
The typical four to six o'clock accompanied by cucumber and egg sandwiches
Complete with scones served on a three-tiered stand.
But that, is not, the gist.
"You never fail to amuse me," she said as she sipped her tea
While I floated to her my ideas on my next chapter.
As I drifted to the topic of loneliness and dying alone
(Somewhat remotely related to Invisible City)
She shared with me a conversation she had with a friend.
"We actually thought of setting a club for such people," she said.
"And we'll call it 'Don't Let Your Cat Eat You' Club".
"Why don't you call it the 'Don't Let Your Pet Eat You' Club," I suggested.
"You'll get more business this way."

What a morbid discussion.

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