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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Manifesting My Invisible City ::

:: Manifesting My Invisible City ::

And so, as it was to be, I met W for our prearranged traditional tea.
Complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones, and tea, of course.
Amidst a row of lovely bamboo trees, and the chatters of tai-tais.
Then we were off to see Pin Pin's Invisible City.
All shows were sold out less the 9:00PM one.
I found Invisible City trying to deliver a message about the important of history.
Not history from the textbooks, but the unwritten history,
Struggling to be recorded before they fade into non-existence.

I have lots of history.
I have been writing diaries since fourteen; still doing so.
I have been blogging for about seven years.
I have several boxes of snail mail; much less nowadays.
And of course, I have many photos, of all forms.
All these efforts are probably my savings for the future.
For that will come when I cannot even remember to remember
Like a character in Invisible City who realises that
The DV tapes are the only fragments of him that he'll leave behind.

While Pin Pin realises that it is about "the need to be remembered
For what one has seen and experienced, about the fear of being
Forgotten and unaccounted for," does it really matter?
I suppose, if it matters, one will do something about it.
If it doesn't, it doesn't matter, really.
Time passes, and the world moves on regardless.

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It's always a constant struggle between "does it really matter" and "who cares", but most times it doesn't really matter who cares, as long as WE do...

Sounds like Fosters! Hope all is well at your end. Tea soon.

"the need to be remembered
For what one has seen and experienced, about the fear of being
Forgotten and unaccounted for,"

you will remember things you want to naturally, and vice versa. and it is the things you remember that matter.

(at least that is for my case)

it does matter. though many have tried, but few succeed (no universal benchmark though). while some just don't bother. snails, rodents, roaches have survived through the ages without going through much evolution. much to say about them. they could either have; really bothered to survive, but never bothered to strive? or vice versa, and hence they survived till the present day?

Everything that's ever happened is recorded for all time.
Nothing is ever truly forgotten.
No one ever really forgets.

On a small scale, you could go into hypnosis and recall what you ate for breakfast exactly 20 years ago to the day.
A more interesting experiment would be for someone else to go into very deep-state hypnosis and remember what YOU had for breakfast 20 years ago.

... but then, what purpose will this RE-MEMBERING serve?

Find that inner PURPOSE and all will be clear.

will remembering the past make us clearer of the future?
in any case, there are certain moments i would definitely want to remember; they served as good anchors to the future ITW that I want to be.

Many times, remembering our past allows us to understand our present.
That's how our linear minds think.
To believe that this then extends into understanding our future is a leap of faith. The future beyond NOW is a mass (some say mess) of probabilities.

For the moments that you treasure, they will always be with u. Nothing is ever lost anyway (as per my original reply).
If they serve as good anchors, then that's up to you. As long as the conceptual framework works for you, its perfectly fine.
I'd have preferred the term "steers" or guide-posts, but that's me.

PS: Just remember to retrieve the anchors from the sea-bed before your ship is ready to move again 8-)

there are many anonymous entries these days.
who's this, may i pry?

actually i beg to differ on the portion of memories staying with us forever.
as we grow older, our memories actually fail us.
they actually do.

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