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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Turn a Page, a Chapter Closes ::

:: Turn a Page, a Chapter Closes ::

The frogs lead the procession as I spread my
Wings and fly to the clear blue skies.
Freedom, but what greener pastures lie ahead?

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awake so late?

gonna quote you on this; it's what we make out of the decisions that we make.

then again, it helps to think and play smart. smarter and informed options always help. =)

i like your name's meaning.

sometimes we sit around for so long
waiting to do something
God gets annoyed
and kicks us in the butt
and man oh man do we fly

so how? Public Relations?

hope you find the time to relax and clear your mind.
and choose something generative or creative
rather than
simply reactive.
maybe it is time
to follow your heart
into the wild?

into the wild?
park ranger at bukit timah?

Sometimes it's just the simple promise of greener pastures that keeps us going on. But unless you'd already reached the end of the book, there's no real hurry to begin the next chapter...

If the grass is greener on the other side? Isn't YOUR GRASS greener if there were someone else on a patch next to yours?

well, if it's a blank page, then you'll get to write your own story. ;)

blank chapter.
maybe i'll start giving tuition. heh.


Thanks for making my day.


all the best yah. =)

greener pastures? ur plants all mati liow leh... =P

you're so wrong loh!
see this!

and this:

and this:


Is this sky real?
Maybe just part of the procession as reality and dreams merged.

How true can we really be?
Out of anyONE's dream.

Glad you are doing well!

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