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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Invisible Spaces, Invisible People ::

:: Invisible Spaces, Invisible People ::

Read in today's LIFE! the feature on Tan Pin Pin and her latest documentary, Invisible City.
Apparently, Invisible City chronicles the ways people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear.
That reminded me of Twelve Stories.
Just that Twelve Stories depicts people and their histories disappearing,
Not them attempting at leaving marks.
I have yet to see her documentary (and I hope to), but the article in LIFE!
Made me think about the little individual stories each character in the documentary
Weave as they attempt to document and preserve the blind spots
They choose to know and define as history, in our little island.

I think, because, I have, on many occasions, let my curiousity take over me
And find out more about the Singapore that I live in.
I have always wondered about the undeveloped areas of Singapore and how and why it is so.
I would have my fav chicken rice at Margaret Drive and then wonder.
Wonder about the entire stretch of forest behind the library and where it led to.
And why it is undeveloped.
Or drive past the Stevens Road exit on the Pan Island Expressway.
And ponder over the expanse of the cemetaries.
In fact I did, one day, check the street directory and drive into the cemetary.
To find out that both sides are connected by a tunnel under the PIE.
I did trace the origins of the Singapore River, back to Mac Ritchie Reservoir.

I wonder about the aged aunty who collects used drink cans at the food court.
Does she live alone? Will anyone realise if she fails to turn up one day?
I wonder about the people who get arrested and are put away.
When they disappear, what happens to the rest of the other related lives?
I wonder about the herd of singles that grow old and then disappear.
What do they do? Who takes care of them?

These invisible spaces and invisible people, do they matter?
M told me once, that his greatest fear, is to die alone at home
And be discovered only weeks after his demise, as a rotting corpse.
I wonder how often this happens in Singapore.
But I would think that, at most times, it is a "out of sight, out of mind" situation.
Spaces, and people will continue to fade into nothingness
As the hoi polloi get inundated with the sights and sounds of everyday, methinks.
If only we allow ourselves a moment each day to meditate.
And be heedful.

And what histories do we document besides a handwritten diary and a virtual blog?
Or do we need histories in the first place?
Should life be lived just for the moment?
I wonder.

Read about why Tan Pin Pin conceived this documentary.


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Did u watch Singapore Gaga? I quite like it although certain parts are draggy.

I've been collecting some Singapore movie dvds because a slice of Singapore history will be captured on celluloid. And this will be a reminder of how we used to live.

pinming thinks we need histories. they're milestones for the new and young, and they're landmarks for the lost. life, maybe, could be best lived as a mix. live in the past too much, we fall behind. live for the moment too much, we lose sight. live for tomorrow? what about today. pm thinks life, could be best lived as a mix - like the variety they serve at happy kappy. some vanilla and chocolate, some gula malacca and jackfruit, and some mocha and durian.

hmm, i hear what you're saying but i'm not sure if a mix is possible. it isn't possible to "live for tomorrow" and "live for today" at the same time, for example. it's conceptually possible, but not possible technically. at best, you can only alternate, which also just means alternating sets of "problems": falling behind, losing sight, not living for today.

i think, however, the best way to live is to just live IN the moment (as opposed to living FOR the moment--which means to live with no care for consequences, partly).

of course, i don't mean them to happen at the same time. technically impossible on the surface. though on a deeper level, it might be.

i think there is no best way for all times, just as the hammer doesn't solve all your carpentry problems. =)

it IS possible, just impossible for human beings. heh

which brings me to my point: it's fine to contemplate and "wonder", but it's so easy to forget about follow-through. if there's any trait of wonderful contemplative people like you i don't really agree with, i guess it is that--you seem to lack follow through in spite of your good intentions or thought or passion or claims in that moment.

don't just excercise your philosophy, manifest them. :) this of course, goes out to archergoat, too. you saggitarians are all the same! my sister is the same way! :D

erm i think i'm the only saggi here that you're referring to.

that message was meant for you, and i was referring to you archergoat my sister emeric etc etc almost every saggi know

mix up la, heh

so easy to forget? rather i'd say, people lack the ability to follow through. i do follow through, just that nowadays i feel that there is no need for others to know. the more they know, the more difficult it is for my actions to fall through, as there'll be more resistance (for mostly good reasons, because they care). and, sometimes, the more upset they'll be at the choices that i made and will be making. in other words, i don't wanna upset you, in particular.

and, you're right. someday, we'll be on opposite camps. because no one dares to do the things that i do. let's meet up and talk. no bad timing this time, i hope. lol

er i meant that for into_the_wild, not you... LMAO!

sometime i asked myself "why am i born into this world?"

although i don't know you, but.. *sock!*


Hopping along...

Just someone hopping along who found your blog very thoughtful and sometimes reminiscent in terms of world-view...

There are plenty of stories in Singapore to tell and here's just two to share with you:

There's a friend of a close friend of mine who works at a local publication, who couldn't report this fact: Almost one elderly commit suicide everyday. Apparently this didn't fit in very well with the picture perfect isle so she was told not to publish the story by her editor, probably in turn having his hands tied by the government.

Behind where I work, there's an old lady who lives in the alley surrounded by her collection of 'junk'. She gets by each day as well as she can, though usually feeding and caring for the nearby dogs, cats and pigeons more than herself. You would probably wonder why she ends up so pitifully but it turns out it was actually her choice because she didn't want to live with her children. I haven't gotten the scoop on that yet because I'm not THAT close with her yet but hopefully my daily chit chats with her turn in something interesting for me to reflect on my life.

There's wonderful beautiful people everywhere, with fairytales and nightmares to share so keep an eye out and explore today! ;)


i almost went to watch on the premier.. but had to be social escort for alex taylor... =(

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