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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Being Another in The Simpsons ::

:: Being Another in The Simpsons ::

There's a large version of this Simpsons Movie wallpaper available for download.
I found a site that lists all the wallpapers (in different sizes) in a single page here.
It's kind of like the 'Where's Wally' books, popular half a decade ago.
It was easy to find the Simpson family amongst the Springfielders.
There's Itchy and Scratchy too, and the 3-eyed goldfish (from a Halloween episode?)
I don't recall the elephant though.

Glancing through the many characters in this wallpaper,
I can't help but feel that I'm one of the nondescript characters
That was probably featured in one or two episodes; the character
That walked across the road inconspicuously, in the background, in a street scene.
With the limited interactions with the characters around me, I live my life simply.
It's like principal Skinner or lunchlady Doris when its an episode not about Springfield Elementary.
They still do their rounds, but since the episode does not relate to them
They can breathe a little more; perhaps even go out and sit on the swing a little.
Bask in the sun, and enjoy, for a moment, the bliss of simplicity.

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at least you are one of the nondescript characters in the wallpaper. i'm not even in it!

caught the movie yet? how was it? i'm intending to watch it this week.

not yet, but the whold world seems to have caught it already!

Thanks for this! My brother is a huge Simpsons fan. I'm thinking of asking him if he wants to see it together. I'll be sure to forward the website to him! "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does!"

Haha.. at first glance, I found Marge Simpsons. How can you missed her blue #57 hair!! Haha...I didn't realised that all these years ever since the series were created, they have introduces so many characters. Wow!!!

the 3-eyes fish resides in the lake behind the burns montgomery nuclear power plant. it had 3 eyes because the radiation was beyond safe levels, and it leaked into the waters. they even had a swamp thing, which was really funny.

why? the elephant is a pet

the family adopted in an episode. who has a habit of grabbing bart with his trunk, swallowing him, chewing him and then spitting him out. much to the horror of marge of cos. bart understands the elephant, coming from the wild, wouldn't be happy as a captivated pet. quite sweet actually.

Re: why? the elephant is a pet

an elephant as a pet?
anything can happen in a Simpson's episode lol.
i like the way you describe it.

Re: why? the elephant is a pet

The elephant had a small cameo role in the new Simpsons movie. Watch out for it... haha.

jus watched the movie. =P

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