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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Passing of a Shooting Star ::

:: The Passing of a Shooting Star ::

I first knew him over dinner JH's place at KL Mansion.
He brought with him too much salad, nicely packed into a large tupperware.
He was articulate, funny, and never failed to fuel a dinner conversation
With his witty antics and his infectious laughter.
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to know him on a more personal level.
On a deeper level, I found him to be sensitive and empathic.
He was a mentor and a friend.
As our paths crossed in more ways than one, he offered sound advice
In the few directions that I was then, heading to.
And I remember, him,
For constantly reminding his guests to hold onto their wine glasses
When Casper approaches with his long black tail.
For sharing his love of his religion and of his episode
Of leading his group to Israel.
For making the effort to put on the dinner table, always
The tau kua and ngo hiang from the famous BT stall.
There were things that we were supposed to do together still:
Like watching An Inconvenient Truth DVD.
Like going through his photo albums.
No more.
As as the shooting star fades away,
I recall my last moment with him, as I walked into his room in ICU.
It was only for a minute.
I left the flowers outside the room, and put beside him
A green softtoy frog, as he smiled weakly at me.
A shooting star may have passed
But the inspired remain, to follow the star's example to inspire more
And also to appreciate life and treasure loved ones.
The eulogy for Rob, as I fondly called him so.

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So sad.... what happened to him?

You have a wonderful way with words. A gift.
Your memory of the little things, tell us how you value such moments.

Thanks for sharing.

i truly believe that nothing is transient or impermanent. his life gave meaning to yours, and you gave meaning to the people around you. that's how rob lives on, and i think that's how we live on.

thanks for sharing.

shooting stars never fade
they are merely out of sight

as for the shooting stars that crossed your path
be glad that they did and have steered you off into another direction
one that you are traveling on now because they've allowed you to

and organising art exhibitions, concerts and dine-in at the bridge,
or simple but meaningful dinners at jln kuning...
calling "daeng" to clear the table and bring out the fruits,
after the Thai or Greek dishes...
the stuffed capsicums, brown rice, "kong bah",
and carrot cake from burping dog...

the huge wine opening tool,
stories on founding of a portal,
the homepage that he wanted to do,
speaking with the fake indian accent,
making fun of A,
and so many more...

and of cos the evening at the Swiss Club.

Hope u are alright! The star will always be in yr heart!

Treasure the friends and people who you care around. They will not be there forever.

I'm sorry to hear of the loss. I am grieving a loss too, although in a different way, in that he chose to walk away. Ha, i don't know which is more painful.

Keep shining, boy.

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