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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Into The Wild ::

:: Into The Wild ::

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this explains a lot.

fwah. i wanna watch. never read the book, though.

So the the 1996 book was your inspiration? I thought it was something else ...

Remember what was agreed the other nite? If it should ever happen - chequered shirt, half eaten potato and foam around your mouth. I'll have to find a mirrorball and ... drink lots of caffeine, I suppose.

Apologies that this comes so late but do take care dude...

I read the book when I was 18, and it changed me into this person today (or maybe I'm just deluding myself). Doubt the movie would make that same impact though... it's just one of those personal journeys that can only express itself best in the intimate medium of words and not motion pictures.

But that's just my opinion. :)

i guess i'm really cynical because i think he could have found inner peace the EASY way.

runecircle: there is no easy way :P

Into The Wild: well, shitt-est things happens to the best of us.
take care, because many had told me the same thing too,

because i know

yes there is! we just happen to think that the easiest way is the hardest way, and take the hardest way as the easy and only way to find inner peace.

it's like quitting smoking. as an ex-heavy-smoker, i would heartily say that it is the easiest thing, ever.

there's this indian saying: "it's hardest to awaken someone who is pretending to be sleeping"

u'r in my prayers my friend.

Finnished the book.... and take care *hugs*

wif u always

i understand. will be wif you on this journey.
hugs my dear.


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