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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Lost In The Carpark ::

:: Lost In The Carpark ::

It is one of those restless nights
Where I dreamed that I was lost in a carpark
And I cannot find my car.
So I searched and searching.
And woke up feeling really tired.
What was I searching for?

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Sounds like you are trying to get out or move on, but you can't find the vehicle for it, and instead of letting go and going, you are trying to find what was lost.

*Andy the dream guru*

lost your car? nevermind, juz pass me the key. I will drive it for u :P

coincedence is the universe trying to tell you something ....

searching from release from the latent displeasure and discomfort of everything that binds, for a tool to channel you away from the cares of life.

unable to find it, it wears you out, you fall into sleep, wake up, and it goes on all over again.

ur search seems like in a aimless pit...
No matter how u search it like searching for a needle in a haystack...

Stop looking...and save ur strength...

According to some psychologists, dreams about being lost frequently symbolises the beginning of a new phase of life and expresses the anxiety of leaving behind the familiar.

Your dream may also express your worries about having no direction to your life.

If you dream of losing something then ask yourself what it symbolises about yourself. If you lost your car, it may mean your pride? Depends what it means to u.

da ge .. pat pat pat.sometimes dream try to tell you something or hints :p

what is a dream for you, is reality for fabs and the other willie.
They perpetually cannot find their cars after parking it.

Guess it was old news already. But I just heard your story tonight.

I've had such a dream before, too, and it really didn't feel good. Well, if you trust in Carl Jung's theory of Dream Analysis, things that appear in dreams symbolise something that is going on in your life, and is probably to surface from your subconscious into your conscious, these emotions/ events that are happening.

Car is a symbol of where we are going in our life journey, remember your emotions, were you in control? were you clear about where you were heading? wre you alone or with others? These factors can help you assess the current state of your 'drive'.

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