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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: May Update ::

:: May Update ::

Following SN's update entry, I'm inspired to provide my own version.
Crashes are never merely crashes; they set off certain triggers, thus
Stringing together a series of chain reactions, that never really end.
Crash one got me playing; but on a deeper level, is causing me the most frustration.
Why do I feel like I'm Pu Yi, put on the throne to rule the kingdom of China, when
I'm merely a wooden puppet, dangled on vines that will eventually give way and
Lay me to rest. There is no fruition. There is nothing.
I must have the resolute to fight.
Crash two was the inevitable. Somewhat like a sense of deja vu.
I crashed when I have actually crashed a few years ago.
Thus this is then a warped kind of fruition, I suppose.
I feel lighter. I feel like a journeyman once more.
Without my village the world beckons again.
Crash three is but, a crash.
The crash of the crashes, methinks.
The crash that triggered and made me make sense.
Of the urgency to put into action the necessary.

And since I'm on the topic of crashes,
I recall Standfast's Car Crashes.
Fantasy or reality, analysis and theories
What does matter really?

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Aaaaaahhhh I've been looking for that song! Any way ya can send it to me? *hopefuly look*

And I TOTALLY can relate.... *haizzz* But yeah... *hugs*

Pu Yi...... ;-)

Well, you know I'm with you! hugs.

i love that song....so old but so cool=)

everyone is looking for the song!! where can we get it?

try bittorrent?

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