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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Dead Rising ::

:: Dead Rising ::

I have been keeping many late nights with my Xbox 360 lately.
I have been engrossed with the game, Dead Rising.
I've been wanting to get this game since some time back.
Especially in the wake of blockbusters such as 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead.
I finally managed to get it second-hand off someone from the net.
Dead Rising is this slash-all-you-meet game.
The lead character is a photojournalist who gets himself into a town of zombies.
He has 72 hours to get his footages and then escape via a pre-arranged heli.
I look at the mirror.
I look at my bloodshot eyes.
I think I'm turning into a living dead myself.
For some strange reason, I will not die.
So when's Halloween?

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Wah at first glance I thought that was Ground Zero of Heroes! Oh... nvm! :P

Well if you play you'll feel like one of the Heroes, especially with the Children's Lightsabre from the Toy Store.


Hah! I'd better not start playing, for I know I'll get stuck in front of the screen, and THAT'll be the end of me... LOL

photojournalist gets footage?
shouldnt it be photographs

or videographer gets footage

i suppose so.
did a check: guess either way is fine.

" 1. An amount or length of film or videotape.
2. A shot or series of shots of a specified nature or subject: news footage of the royal wedding."

oh hahahokay you bothered to check-

wheres the source for that reference then? hurhurhur

lemmme present my analistic findings-
"In film and video, footage is the raw, unedited material as it has been recorded by the camera, which usually must be edited to create a motion picture, video clip, television show or similar completed work."
wikipedia.org (of course, we can debate the theory of knowledge in wiki)

but alas, im really just bored isall

I'd just stick to WOW....


I am looking forward to 28 Weeks Later! It is the only horror movie that I dare to watch in cinema, otherwise I will hide my face behind my fingers throughout the show - an utter waste of money. Haha...

i just saw it. the way the direction of the scare factor recaptures successfully the same feel of the first movie, but can't help but feel the first was better in terms of balancing the situation with some hope cuz seriously without it, it's jus a (good) depressing movie.

And that's what this became, an adrenaline packed depressing movie. :(

I think it is my kind of movie. With all the amount of scaring that I will have to endure, I will have no brain juice left to process a complicated story line (like Sixth Sense and The Others). Haha...

Shucks, but no one wants to watch it!

i think i seriously need to make my life more interesting by playing some games. everyone seems to either have a PSP player or xbox, but i never once had a gameboy.

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