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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Death By Redbull ::

:: Death By Redbull ::

Even since I vomitted my breakfast and lunch and blood
Last weekend, I've been careful with my dietary intake.
And so, while it was the usual bubbly and the flammable for everyone
It was copious volumes of redbull for me.

Two jugs, in fact.

Imagine my surprise when I was about to leave for home.
I stepped outside and felt the buzz.
Redbull overdose?

Redbull contains the following:

~Sucrose - a two-part sugar made of glucose and fructose. Known as table sugar or white sugar, it is found naturally in sugar cane and in beets.
~Glucose - a simple sugar made by the body from carbohydrates in food.
~Sodium Citrate - sodium citrate helps maintain pH levels in soft drinks.
~Taurine - a colorless crystalline substance obtained from the bile of mammals (you are a mammal, you produce Taurine, it's natural dummy and no, you can not OD on it).
~Glucuronolactone - a naturally-occurring metabolite, a carbohydrate produced by the human metabolic system.
~Caffeine - Redbull contains only 80mg of caffeine, less then 1/3rd of the caffeine you'll find in a Starbucks coffee.
~Inositol - A sugar-like vitamin B-factor is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol & fats; vital for hair growth & aids in brain cell nutrition.
~Niacinamide - Another name for vitamin B3.
~Calcium Pantothenate - Another name for vitamin B5
~Pyridoxine HCL - Another name for vitamin B6
~Vitamin B12 - Vitamin necessary for normal metabolism of nerve tissues and is active in carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism.
~Artifical Flavors

Maybe its the caffeine.
One thing I'm sure.
I am going to stay awake for quite a long while.


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... die cock stand...

Now did all that Redbull you drink go with alcohol? ;P

Hey, it's no joke to overdose on anything... take care dude!

must be all that flying...

be careful yah!

i have yet to try red bull.

i have heard rumours of redbull being slightly poisonous (or at least unhealthy with side effects) when taken with certain other substances too (and i mean like everyday foods, not drugs) so be careful what you eat/drink before and after you drink redbull. Still, just rumours...

i think in Sydney its illegal to sell rebull+ alcohol. you can still purchase them separately but not in a drink together.

this is due to the potential side effects, actually i had some rebull+vodka last night, and fell quite sick

Why 2 jugs of redbull and not not 2 jugs of anything else?

erm, not too sure as well.
a jug of redbull seems to be more plausible, than a jug of ribena or cranberry.

*reptilian sense*

Wow 2 jugs of redbull o.O haha. you must have really wanted to stay awake. =P

walau 2 jugs???? u seow ah

Actually, it is a misnomer that we cannot OD on something that the body produces. Take cholesterol, for one. Our bodies make cholesterol, so it is all natural, but it is not necessarily good to take it in large quantities. Same can be said about creatine, which is a metabolite, but large quantities can cause kidney damage.

fun facts

that's a helluva fun fact sheet for red bull man! red bull has an effect to my blood pressure. two cans and i'm out.
do take care man:)


Too much of anything isn't good. Cut down the in-take and take care!

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