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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Words ::

:: Words ::

And so, last night, sis smsed. "Wat you wan get for mother's day?"

"You suggest?" I replied.

"Don't know too. Flower? Or?"

"What do you think she wants? Also, need to get you your birthday present."

"Flower I tot of ordering and send to her workplace for surprise. Maybe its a good idea."

"Buy her flowers and bring her to dinner?"

"Flower I settle. U think where wan go for dinner lor... Can? Thanks, I dream of U last night leh. Ha Ha."

"Ok we'll do it this way then."

"Hmm. Don't know what she wants. But only know she needs love. And money. Ha ha... me ah. Tot a watch or a nice big Puma bag be nice. For mum, hmmm.. just wan her to know we still care and love her... she so lonely..."

I paused to think.
And that incident came back to me.
I was fourteen then, and was standing at the dining area,
In our terrace at Wolskel Road, when she said,
"Even if you stack a ten-dollar note on top of one another until they reach
Your height, it'll not be enough to repay me."

I remain, emotionless.

Didn't know you stayed at Wolskel Road! Used to live in that area until I moved out of home...

That was a long long time ago.

my brother went to work in China a couple of weeks ago

my mother who lives in UK called me on sunday night and asked about my general well being, and ask me if my brother is back from china or not.

"i saw him on MSN couple days ago but never talk. i don't know, why leh?" i asked

"why never talk?"

"nothing to talk, never talk lor"

"he says' he ll call me but never call" my mum grumbled

"aiyah, he so old already (27-28) i m sure he can take care of himself"

"old so what? still my sons what, i concern cannot?"


So did you contact your bro?

And I'm sure you're much taller now than when you're 14... :)

I bought me mummy liza wang concert tic :P

Ooooooh. She's so over the top, based on what I saw on tv.

your mum is very fortunate to have 2 filial and thoughtful daughters :)

one stack of 100 pcs S$10 notes(S$1,000) is approximately 1.5cm and your height approximately 173cm. So need to have about 120 stacks of S$10 notes which is worth S$120,000. Hmm...where got so little, it should be S$100 note instead :O

Bringing up kids makes people good parents.

Bringing up kids unconditionally makes them GREAT parents.

Is it any wonder in a typically Asian (esp Chinese) society, only perhaps less than 10% of people who start families (in my opinion) can hold the title of being Great Parents?

Happy Birthday to ur mum btw.
Get her a back massager

Oh its my sister's birthday and the soon-to-be Mother's Day.

its true that we will never be able to repay back..

Repayment can be a tricky issue.

sometimes i repeat back to my parents such abusive and mean things they had said to me as a kid, and watch them squirm.

but that's horrible of me too. to not forgive.

I agree with you.
The key word is, surrender, I reiterate to myself.

Mums are mums....
I can imagine the kinda stress they r under
Thus, sometimes they can be a bit harsh in their words used....
Anyway, I doubt i can be as good a parent as my mum is....(not that i really wanna be one anyway....)

Are you referring to your fashion sense?

*runs away*

my mum's birthday next week, dunno what to give her too.

maybe i buy her a phone. She very upset now cos she sort of got conned by a ah beng phone shop when trading her phones there.

This is your chance to act man!
Go there and demand her phone back!


Mothers and Sons.....mine got 5 sons so I pretty much stay out of her way... since I can never give her a grandkid..hurhur

...plus I am a middle child... so fortunately she leaves me be.... dont know if that is a good or bad thing...


Haha, I misread your entry, hence my deleted comment.
Thanks for the timely reminder of Mother's Day. I think I will get mine some Amazon vouchers or something.

I'm the third son, my parents didn't have much left wen they reached me...so i start working earlier in my teenage years altho my other brothers only start work after NS...

My parents never wanted me to repay them, they juz want me to stay by their side...

that's quite harsh, in my opinion..

not that my mom isn't.