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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 我懷念的 - 孫燕姿 ::

作詞:姚若龍 作曲:李偲菘 編曲:Martin Tang

想問為什麼 我不再是你的快樂 
可是為什麼 卻苦笑說我都懂了
假裝了解是怕 真相太赤裸裸

我懷念的是無話不說 我懷念的是一起做夢
我懷念的是爭吵以後 還是想要愛你的衝動
我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌
記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口

And so, with fingers losing grip
The left hand bids the right farewell
And returns to the steering wheel for one final spin
As the Integra speeds into the shadows.

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was recordin this song's chorus to practise it for upcoming event in my music skool .. keke .. i love the song and i do understand feel :p

beware of the TP while speeding the integra into the shadows... :P

Can I drive you to the Porsche showroom?

You mean you're getting me a car? =P

It's Fabian's favourite song of the moment.

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