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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Challenge Destiny ::

:: Challenge Destiny ::

In my office, stuck to the whiteboards by round black magnets,
Are two inspirational posters.
They read:

People blame circumstances for what they are
To be successful, look for circumstances you want
If you cannot find them make them.

A leader is on who dares to take the plunge,
While others hesitate.

I read and wonder.
I wonder; is a successful person one that has the
Courage to make that leap and create opportunities?
Can one create all circumstances if one wishes hard enough?

I wonder.

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Merely having courage is not enough to ensure success, nor is just wishing hard...

Success is the result of combining the right amount of effort with an endless supply of inspiration and creativity. And applying all of that at the right time...

When you sow your seeds at the wrong season of the year, do not expect to yield a magnificent harvest. Your seeds would merely be feeding the birds...

a plunge vs measured leap of faith ?

on destiny: it is much like boxing, sparring. when there's no opening, we make an opening, if not, create an opening so that we get into the opponent's territory and death spot. if fighting by rules, i'll have to feign an opening myself, in hope that he'll attack me and leaving himself open to attacks; hence, i created an opening. the rest depends on how skilful and experienced you are. what kentaro taught me was, blame no one for my own defeat: blame it on my own weakness, not the circumstances. so be it if i lost footing in a pothole and fell, giving the opponent a chance to pound ON me (not pound me), even if the pothole is in my blindspot (or maybe it was very dark) and i couldn't have seen it, i've learned that it is still part of my own weakness, and i blame no one. and so luck is on my opponent's side. i lost means i lost. no two way about it.

on challenge: i think that's why many entrepreuners failed within their first year of operation: they plunge. i think a smart leader calculates and weighs his odds. if you don't have the brains, brawn's only gonna get you so far. and, a leader leads. he plunges for his fellows, not for himself. then, the rest is up to fate and luck after he's done weighing, plunging in, and working diligently and skilfully (managing situations and difficulties) at it. afterall, humans can only do so much. unless one is no longer human, will then things be different.

bleah. (_*_)

your icon is stupid. that is all.

not necessary cos the elements of luck count too...just like i played my baccarat games... :]

making is different from wishing.
remember: "hope is not a method".
if it were just a matter or wishing or hoping that would not be much of a "challenge".

having said that we all make our own destiny. every choice you make shapes your own future. even not choosing is a choice. so our destiny is very much "ours".

yup leaders lead. you could call the first penguin into the ocean the leader. and the first penguin gets to eat the best fish... or gets eaten by the elephant seal lurking below.

there is a time to plunge and a time to hesitate. knowing when is the wisdom that experience brings.

a successful person is usually a cruel one.

i'm a cynic

gandhi is successful. mother teresa is successful. goh chok tong is successful.

then we are not talking about the same "successful"

Where does your cynic route lead to? ;)

why, to walls, of course. a roomful of walls

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