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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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: The Letter D ::

:: Come to You, On Those Cold Cold Nights ::

Is despair an excellence or a defect?
Purely dialectically, it is both.
The possibility of this sickness is man's superiority over the animal;
For it indicates infinite sublimity that he is spirit.
Consequently, to be able to despair
Is an infinite advantage,
And yet to be in despair is not only the worst
Misfortune and misery - no, it is

-- Anti-Climacus, The Sickness Unto Death --

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you're good at quoting. but i prefer to read those from you yourself.

Yeah, we like your writings.

As for this one by Anti-Climacus ...hmmm....Despair is not a sickness. Depression is.

I would think Despair is rather the aftermath emotions of circumstances that is often uncalled for. Definetely, man Despairs because man is fallen.

Btw, i'm not too sure how Anti-Climacus verified that even animals do not Despair.

my shoulder still hurts from your bite lor!

“Now, Faustus, must thou needs be damned?
And canst thou not be saved?
What boots it then to think on God or heaven?
Away with such vain fancies and despair,
Despair in God and trust in Beelzebub.
Now go not backward. No, Faustus, be resolute.
Why waverest thou? Oh, something soundeth in mine
Abjure this magic, turn to God again.”

For all the sad miserable entries i read so far, i think this quote is better. Old man tells Faustus to repent....

Ah stay, good Faustus, stay thy desperate steps!
I see an angel hovers o'er thy head,
And with a vial full of precious grace
Offers to pour the same into thy soul!
Then call for mercy, and avoid despair.

Calling for mercy indicates hope for a divine intervention.

Haha, yeah, cos Faustus thinks he's too weak to initiate forgiveness and repentence, and to defeat the devil and his own temptations. Despair's a state of mind. Sometimes people give up all too easily.

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