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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Big T ::

:: The Big T ::

On a stool, I sit.
I look around me.
I see green grass everywhere.
Extending to the horizon. The green grass.
They seem to dance in unison
With blades that sway to the passing wind.
I bask unexpectantly in the sun.
I think I saw someone winking at me.
Someone hidden within the hues of green.
How could this be?
I see another wink.
Yet another.
Yet another.
Shall I investigate?
Shall I get off my chair?
Shall I?
But I sit still.
But I sit still.
I sit and wait.

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Wildy in Wonderland, sounds like.

investigate, you do not have to. come to you, they always will.

sit still, all to you, they will come. choose, you will not have to.

investigate should you, choose, you will have to.

if choose, you did, cherish more of it, will you?

tin + yoda = tinda.

(Deleted comment)
the point is, there is no other side.
the protagonist sits on a stool, and its grass everywhere.
There is no other side.

sit and waiting, things might not "appear" by itself...
sometime, we have to "walk" towards to ahve things appear....

while, if he sit and manifestations appear, both incidents may be totally independent of each other.
that is to say, if he sees a wink, there may not be a need to investigate.
he could investigate, but ultimately, i suppose it depends on his state of mind.

Still you can sit.
Awareness is what you seek.

From within it expands ..
Let the glow extend ..
Beyond your seat, towards the grass
Beyond the grass towards the horizon

Awareness is not fixed ..
To where your physical sits

Awareness can be infinite..
When you have transcended ..
The boundary of your physical eyes.

So you can sit and still be aware
... of what lies in and beyond the grass.

Nothing can stay hidden
From the all-knowing presence within us
You only but need ..
To lift the veil

Yet learn we must
Before this can be done
.. for the veil cannot be lifted before one is ready
.. and the hidden beyond the grass will not reveal before its time

So imagine you, yourself
As the candle in the dark.
Imagine the light expanding ..
beyond u, beyond the grass

Then let the light bring you,
the awareness,
the touch

And may your heart see
what it may
what it must


I'll have to share the credit on this one.


Wise indeed.
I'll read this again.

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