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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Still ::

:: Still ::

The air was still.
He switched on the magnetic induction heater.
He put on it a stainless steel pot full of water.
With his index finger, he pressed onto the flat surface.
One, two, three... nine. He paused.
He heard a clicking sound.
He noted the turbulence in the water.
He retrieved the chunk of old ham from the freezer.
He applied pressure on the ham.
He broke the frost-laden ham into stripes
He unhesitatingly dropped them into the boiling liquid.
He struggled to uncover the yellow packet of instant noodles.
He emptied the entire content into the waters.
He stared hard into the swirling meal-to-be.
He thought about the still air.
He hears nothing; there was no sound.
The air was still.
The air was still still.

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sigh. alone again, huh.

Not really.
But I was alone with the noodles, before they became part of me.

ha ha... i was laughing all the way while reading this entry....it's so funny... i didn't know that cooking instant noodles can be blogged poetically... What's the yellow packet? Is it Maggi, or is it Myojo chicken flavour? YUM!

I can't remember, but it came from a yellow packet and was labelled curry.
But it tasted ham-flavoured to me.
For obvious reasons.

You make day-to-day activities sound so Virginia Wolf-ish. Brava!

This entry would have been much shorter and less interesting, had "he" simply poured boiling water into cup noodles instead... LOL

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